WordPress write post problem solved

Oke. It seem my problem regarding to wordpress write post function problem has been solved. If you have followed my 2 previous post regarding this wordpress write post problem and my alternative solution for wordpress write post function problem, there is much more easier way to do it and yet does not have anything related to wordpress core files.

Actually, i noticed that the add media and other normal button work great in Internet Explorer. Im using firefox. So, there must be a problem with firefox, not wordpress core files. Actually, i noticed that a lot of error in my wordpress in console error. So, the solution is, you need to  clear all the cached stored in your firefox. To clear it, go to Tools > Clear Private Data > Checked the cached & press OK.

firefox clear private data Wordpress write post problem solved

Then, restart your Firefox back. You also need to tick check again on the visual editor function for your wordpress. If you still occured the problem, you also advised to delete the file inside wp-content > js-cache. Then, the wordpress visual editor will be back normal again.

there the wordoress button Wordpress write post problem solved

Well, i got this information after digging the wordpress codex. Well, there’s many other people that also experienced the same problem with me. So, the lesson for today is search for more and more information regarding your problem before take any action on it. Make a full use of uncle google. He has everything for you there.

I have make a silly mistake just get back the wordpress write post button. Just because of this problem, i have reformated back my wordpress blog and i lost the previous post. The solution is just easy but the action i has take was way to far for the easy solution. Haha. Solve problem using the easy method first. If still unsolve now it is turn to take the most hardest solution. Haha


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    and u didnt make a backup … :( too bad
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