I cant post anything because of this problem

I don’t know what wrong with the wordpress files in this server. Something goes wrong in the write post panel. The button did not appeared and when i click on HTML option, the text are did not appeared. Demmit. I’m lost. This must be a problem with the wordpress core file. Look below:

where is the write post but I cant post anything because of this problem

Anyone know the problem? Please help me. I’ve googling and try to restoring my wordpress file but still nothing change. Darn. I’ve never exprerienced this such problem with my other wordpress blog. Now im losing hope with this blog. Suck Suck Suck. Someone save me please. WordPress gurus out there.


  1. admin

    help me please. really apppreciate it. :(

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  3. xero

    disable sume plugin then tgk button tuh ade tak.. if ade.. activate balik plugin satu satu then tgk ade ke tak button tuh.. maybe disebabkan plugin..

    if lepas deactivate pun takde.. reupload file dlm folder wp-admin n wp-include..

    hope its help..

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  5. am

    yup.. biasanya sebab plugin.. am selalu kalau ada masalah camni akan disable plugin one by one dan refresh page.. tengok mana satu masalah dia..

  6. menteil

    haha.. aku selalu jadi masalah mcm nie..
    mcm biasa clear cookies..
    xbleh gak disable plugin yg berkaitan..

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