WordPress 2.6.1 released today!

Have you faced any problem with your current wordpress 2.6? Well, there were several bugs found in wordpress 2.6 core file. But yeah, matt and the team has found a solution for that. So here you are, the WordPress 2.6.1. Wp 2.6.1 has been released today. Several of the major bugs has been fixed. So, if you have problems with your current wordpress blog i think you should update to this WordPress 2.6.1.

According to WordPress Development team, over 60 bugs has been fixed in this new released. A small bugs that doesn’t involves with security hole. So, it is an option for you whether to update to the latest version of wordpress or not since there is only minimal problem in current wordpress 2.6. Read all the complete list of the major bugs fixed in wordpress 2.6.1.

Why they released a new one? Because wordpress team want to achieved the  “dot zero” bugs in wordpress 2.6. If you’re happy with 2.6, however, keep on using it.  You need not upgrade to 2.6.1 if 2.6 is getting the job done. Read and download the latest wordpress file for your blog.


  1. Yvette

    Weird. I didn’t knew about that new release. I guess I just have to wait for version 2.6.2. Hehe.

  2. syuxx

    yah, i also didnt update to it.
    since 2.6 just work fine for me.
    hehe. thanks for dropping by!

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