Where is the twitter badge link?

You have a twitter account? Why not follow me at Twitter. I am daily update my tweets. Well, that is not what i am talking about in this post. Actually, i was really piss off since i cant find the link for the Twitter Badge. I has explored the entire of Twitter Page but still can’t found it. This has been happen for many many times. Well, at least i have save the javascript code first in my thumbdrive.

Until today, I was accidently update the link for my website at Twitter account setting. OMG! what a stupid. I did not notice that the link for the Twitter Badge was underneath the textarea for more info web. Haha. Well, i just want to share this for anyone that has experienced the same problem with me. This is a so called solution to get your own Twitter Badge.

First, at the top bar, click on the settings. Then go to your account.

twitter badge 300x218 Where is the twitter badge link?

Now, look carefully at the box. At the more info option, there is a hyperlink to the Twitter Badge. Click it and your’e DONE!

twitter badge update 300x239 Where is the twitter badge link?

Easy. Then you can follow the instructions on the web to add Twitter Badge to your blog. You can get more inspirations for your own twitter badge design by looking on this post: Twitter Badge Status Design. Well, follow me at twitter.

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