What’s the buzz #1

Track: Simone
Artist: Bittersweet
Myspace: myspace.com/bittersweet

Ouh, it seem like i have no idea what to blog already. Just like aisyahrozi too. Absolutely no idea too. *sigh

Well, today blog is just for something fun that happen recent in my life & this blog.

Blog appearance

appearance Whats the buzz #1
I have currently pimp up my blog as you can see right now. There’s a bit of the section of it have been modified from it’s original theme. You can see one at the top here, the comment section, in this post, and anything else. No really. But all of them is just a ripped thingy. I know how to modified it but sucks in making it from scratch. I wish i can coded my own wordpress theme just like xeroxaven, flisterz, ikram-zidane and ofcourse our wordpress princess, aisyahrozi. Demit, they have a great great taste in designing and coding. Well, as you can see also my post also inspired from flisterz.com. You can call me poser or whatever. IDM. At least mine is cool than yours. Haha. If you think i have ripped yours in this theme and not yet been credited at the footer, just contact me.

Cashing My Nuffnang !!!

nuffnangpay Whats the buzz #1
Well, i have blog a lot about Nuffnang last year. At least Nuffnang has never dissapointed me. The ads is cool too. And yeah, i put all of the Nuffnang Ads in this blog. One at the header, another one at the sidebar & large ads at the bottom of the post.
Yesterday i have clicked up on that “cashed your earning” button. Yeah, it just a small RM50. but i think it worth for a small steps. I cant blame Nuffnang if my earning in it just a small piece. Even my monthly income from my daddy is more than that. I think i should improve my SEO in order to attract traffic to this blog. Remember, good SEO+good TRAFFIC= High band in nuffnang. ROFL.
Do Nuffnang pay? Well, let see whether it pay or not.

My Digital Diary

bc8Rhu2kO7lbehxuPxrowYxK 400 Whats the buzz #1
Hahaha. I am not only changed this blog appearance. I also changed my [email protected]tumblr log appearance. It just a minor change. I change the color scheme to make it match with my current mini friendster theme that you can see in my friendster profile.
mefsappra Whats the buzz #1
I think, dark grey with white colour is a good combination. Hahaha. Well, visit: kamek.tumblr.com. And you can see i am a hardcore fans of youtube video too. && yeah, the post there is suckss. I think i need to read more on that tumblr documentation. Who know i can code my own tumblr theme soon? It just a dream. ROFl. Cut the crap.


Well, thats all the crap for today. watch me ramble more at my digital diary. Hahaha.
mir02 Whats the buzz #1


  1. syamsulariff.com

    tgk status gliteratti..tunnggu je la lagi 30hari..congrats

  2. topo

    layan la plak lagu ni….hohohoho

  3. skywalker

    atleast u can see the number with value there.My account still RM0.00..hmmmm.

  4. syuxx

    ya ya. tak sabar tunggu dapat cash out check dr nuffnang. i hope they really pay.

    bittersweet is such a damn awesome brit-pop indie band. haha. checkout their myspace for more.

    just be patient. even mine take 5months to get this such of number. there’s nothing such as “quick money”
    everything to pwned need a harwok. hhehe

  5. topo

    aku mmg slalu lpak kt situ.. layan gile..

  6. HaRiZ

    wah congratz…aku punye lambat lagi nak cashout….sob sob sob

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