Using WordPress as a web CMS

wordpress as web cms Using Wordpress as a web CMS

WordPress is such as good blog CMS. CMS is stand for Content Management Systems which of course be use to manage your web or your blog. Although WordPress is usually use as a blog CMS, but with it’s open source power people have developed it to the next step. There is already a lot of website using wordpress as it main website CMS which is totally look different from a blog.

Chris Coyier in his CSS-Tricks blog have a video on how to manipulate wordpress CMS into a website. You should watch this video → WordPress as CMS. In this 27 Minutes video, Chris show you how to create a look like website from the wordpress CMS. He will show you how to work out with the page template, drop-down menu, contact form and many more. This is just really useful for everyone that don’t want to messed up their Website when updating it. All things can be done from the backdoor of WordPress instead of messing up yourself with codes in Adobe Dreamweaver.

kuasa blog wordpress cms Using Wordpress as a web CMS

A lot of people has already intergrate this super power CMS, WordPress as their website. With wordpress, you are not only created a blog but also many types of website such as minisite, commercial site, magazines site, e-commerce site, forum board and many more to be discovered. There’s even an E-Book which you can check out here → KuasaBlog. But this e-book is only available in Malay language. The e-book author will shw you step by step on how to integrate this WordPress Blog CMS into a variety of different website. But I haven’t buy it yet. But I think it is better for you to search on Google more is you don’t want to spend your money for e-books.

niagakit wordpress web cms Using Wordpress as a web CMS

The Niagakit stuff from Flarebiz Team is also another good example of intergrating WordPress CMS as an e-commerce website. Now, you open your own online store using this modded WordPress CMS with a really low price. This Niagakit is also one of the good example Web 2.0 application which is focus on it’s variety of function. But again, you also can create it by yourself with a lot of good open source wordpress CMS plugin out there. But if have no time for that, Niagakit is still a good option for you to create an online store using WordPress.

WordPress is not the only option. There is also other powerful CMS such as Joomla and Drupal. But I am more comfortable to work out with wordpress CMS. Maybe I also will work out with Joomla and Drupal soon.


  1. |1f34|-|1r3

    haven’t check NiagaKit you have any idea what it looks will be great if there’s like an online demo…

  2. syuxx

    yeah, me too. But i have already saw the demo edition.
    it is thing that look like when you combine a blog and online store with it.
    Since they have already a modded e-commerce plugin to be intergrated with it.

    I think it is worth to buy it. It also have a nice design. Well, BOB of the late is the designer for the niagakit stuff.

    buy it from my link:

    dont have anything to offer. lol :p

  3. Kevin Paquet

    I haven’t heard of this niagakit yet, but it’s something costly, WordPress has a lot of other great designs that look like CMS and at very very low cost :)

  4. syuxx

    yeah, it is really costly kevin. But it is worth your time then finding & setuping by yourself.

    i agree with you. WordPress can be manipulate to many other form. really awesome

  5. kedaionline

    Hi syuxx,
    thanks for reviewing in one of your example of wordpress as cms.
    Yes, wordpress indeed one powerful application.
    and it has biggest supporter too..

  6. syuxx

    yeah, that is one of the benefit using open source.
    we can get the most supporter and developer to help us.
    thanks for visiting my blog anyway.

  7. titan

    nice review. But its another alternative for us. :)

  8. jamie

    Anyone have an affiliate theme available similar to the NiagaKit? Or a plugin to do th grid with the image leading to specific catagories or posts.

  9. syuxx

    affiliate theme?
    if similar to NiagaKit i think it is non.
    but if wp themes, you can try woothemes or elegent themes.

    grid? it is all about css dude!

  10. Sweet Thinker

    grid tue kna pki gold cart + grid baru jalan ala2 niagakit. sape ade paypal leh try beli plugin tue. tp kalo xde grid dah leh setup sendiri pun kedai mini. cuba try guna plugin tue. sng je!

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  13. syuxx

    @sweet thinker
    dekat warez pun banyak jugak gold cart & e-commerce things tu. Haha

    your welcome

    Oh, thanks for the information. I’ll check that soon

  14. Sweet Thinker

    tp akoo cari xjumpa. ko ade tak? akoo nk setup bazaar akoo pki grid. yg e commerce len2 xbest. huhu!

  15. Indian DJ

    Thanks for posting this, It’s just what I was trying to find on bing. I’d a lot rather hear opinions from an person, rather than a corporate web site, that’s why I like blogs so significantly. Thank you!

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