Useful blog widget from Wowzio

useful blog widget from wow Useful blog widget from Wowzio

I have found this cool website that offered you some useful widget to be used on blog. Im not really a kind of person that love to fill my blog sidebar with blog widgets, but this useful blog widgets from Wowzio are really grab my attentions to use it. I have use several of their cool blog widget on my blog. I really love this kind blog widgets which I don’t have to messed with codes or install a plugin just to get the same results and function.

Wowzio offered you with 5 (will be add more soon) useful blog widgets to be used which are:

  1. Gallery Widget
  2. Panoramic SlideShow Widget
  3. Live Activity Widget
  4. Tag Cloud Widget
  5. Feed Content Widget

Currently, I’ve just use two of their blog widgets on this blog which is the Live Activity blog widget and also Feed Content blog widget where you can check it out on my tab sidebar. To get this blog widget is so easy. All you have to do is click on any of the widgets you like and click “create my widgets now!”.

cool blog widgets Useful blog widget from Wowzio

And then, choose your blog category and type in your blog URL or blog feed URL into the form to create a related blog widgets. You also can add more blog URL & RSS Feed by clicking on “Add another feed”. Accept the T&S and click on continue.

After that, you need to verify whether the blog url & it’s content feed which are your latest post is correct or not. If correct, click on that “Looks Great, lets create my widgets!”. Again you need to choose which blog widgets you want to customize and add to your blog. Choose one of it and click “Customize This”.

a lot blog widgets Useful blog widget from Wowzio

And then, for the final step write in your name and email address to the form. Don’t worry, they will never sell your information, or share it with anyone else! And then, you can submit it and continue to the blog widget designer. Here’s where your creativity begin.

Customize it the way you like and then copy the codes from the “Install Codes” field. Paste it to any suitable section on your blog and there you go, you cool & useful blog widgets. You also can edited back this widgets by clicking on “grab this” at your blog widgets footer. You also can save your website information at Wowzio and select and other cool & useful widgets to be used at your blog. That button is next to the “Grab This” on your widgets footer. Take a look on mine: Thumlog // Wowzio.

Just make sure that you dont fullfill your sidebar with a lot of other nonsense blog widgets that bring no benefits to you and your visitor. Or you also will be on my I don’t care about your blog list. Haha


  1. titan

    entahla. aku tak berapa minat nak guna widget nih. :)

    Ps: Shuxx, ni ko guna theme berbayar ke free?

  2. zikri

    widget/gadget comments ni ko amik dari mane?? tq

  3. mugano

    wow…Cool widgets

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