Use Proxy Server to view blocked site

access blocked site using proxy server Use Proxy Server to view blocked site

Have you ever experienced viewing website that has been blocked by our lovely internet provider? Yeah, the website is still alive there, just it has been filtered by the internet provider.

So, here is a solution on “How to use proxy to view a blocked website”. It just a simple tutorial. So, from now on you can access the blocked WEBSITE! uyehh!

First, you need to learn a bit about what is Proxy especially for someone that doesnt know about “Proxy connection”. Just goggling or read about it in wikipedia or anywhere else.

You need to remember too that there are several type of proxy.

  1. Transparent Proxy (doesnt hide your real Ip address)
  2. High anonymous/ Anonymous Proxy (does hide our Ip add)

So what you need to find right now is the “anonymous proxy or elite proxy” because this will hide our real IP address and bypass it from been filtered by ISP porvider. There’s no use for you to use Transparent proxy.

4 Use Proxy Server to view blocked site

Oke. The next step you need to do is to check whether the Proxy is still alive or not. Search for “Proxy List” in the search engine and put the IP and Port of the the Proxy connection into the box provide in the Proxy Checker. Proxy checker is use to check whether the proxy is still alive(still can be use) or not (disconnected)

Untitled 1 Use Proxy Server to view blocked site

Unfunctional proxy is a proxy that has been “disconnected” by it’s host. That meant it cant be use anymore. SO search for others.

2 Use Proxy Server to view blocked site

Search, check, search, check and repeat that step until you found the functional proxy. Find it? The next step is to insert the proxy into our Connection Broswer.

3 Use Proxy Server to view blocked site

For Mozilla Firefox user:

Go to: Tools >> Options >> Settings

5 Use Proxy Server to view blocked site

Then, put the IP proxy into the HTTP Proxy and the port number onto the Port box. Then hit OK!

6 Use Proxy Server to view blocked site

For Internet Explorer user:

Go to: Tools >> Internet options >> Connections >> LAN settings

7 Use Proxy Server to view blocked site

Input your IP Proxy to “Address” and the Port to “Port”. The tick the “Automatically detect settings” section and “Bypass Proxy server for local adress”. Finish? Hit ok!

8 Use Proxy Server to view blocked site

Things that you need to remember when using proxy:

  • Do not login into any important account such as bank account, Important email, any anything that seem important to you. Sometimes, the proxy hoster does record all the activity that you do while using their service. Just use it to view the blocked site only.
  • Make sure all the antivirus/antispyware software are connected while using proxy. This is to prevent malware or virus in your computer.
  • Some proxy server take a long time to load/connected to a site. So it is better for you to find a near proxy host. Recommended: Japan, Thailand, Indonesian, Singapore. Japan is really recommended for low latency while using the proxy server.
  • Be patient while using proxy. It do take time. Free proxy is much more slower that our lovely Tm Nut Suckmyx Tm Net Streamyx.

After viewing the blocked site, change in back to normal internet connection.

  • For Internet Explorer user, just untick the “Use a Poxy server for LAN”.
  • For Mozilla Firefox user, click “Direct Connection to the Internet”.

Simple right? Tutorial credit to Hariz. This post was translated from his post about “How to watch video from Veoh using proxy“. The article is written is Malay language. So, are having problem viewing video from Use this trick!


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