Tweets for Traffic using your Twitter

tweets for traffic using yo Tweets for Traffic using your Twitter

Nowdays Web 2.0 application are really cools. They’re just not only a website that have a lot of function, but it’s function also help your blog or website in order to get some blog traffics. So, have you ever heard of Twitter before? Twitter is also one of the coolest web 2.0 application which function for you to share some short updates of yourself and share it with other. You can read more about twitter in wikipedia bytheway. But today, I want to share something with you on how to get continuosly traffic using twitter.

twitter nomrr 225x300 Tweets for Traffic using your Twitter

Well, that e-book is the answers for all your clueness. It is awesome that Twitter can bring traffic to your blog. Small applications with big impacts. In this e-book, AzhamZanal from StarStreet has share a lot of tips on how to drive traffic to your blog using twitter and perhaps you also get some clicks for your adsense ads. Hehe.

This 16 pages ebook are really useful and worth for you to keep it for future reference. There’s various type of Twitter related site that might help you to get twitter traffic to your blog from it. Well, everyone know that Twitter give you API keys for everyone to develop something for it independently. If you are a hard-die fans of twitter, all of this applications help you to make the jobs easier and of course gain a hundreds twitter traffic to your site everyday.

This Twitter Traffic Marketing e-book is divided into 6 various content which is:

  1. Introduction
  2. Following and followers
  3. Twitter limit
  4. Get repeated traffic
  5. Extreme Marketing with twitter & avoid to be banned
  6. Closing

Interesting right? This ebook was created with this simple formula:

How a simple short message can create a huge impact on your business

This e-book also come with MRR license which you can buy it in Am blog for a cheap price. But dont worry, this e-book is free for you to download! Just fill your name, email address(for download link) and your country at the download form in his blog post. Go to here to download the ebook → Twitter Traffic Marketing Ebook.

Well, help me also to spread about this e-book which really help everyone. Why not you also help others to get know about this ebook and information in it. Just digg, stumbleupon, delicious and any other about this post. To do that, just click the link on the spread the love box at the bottom of this post. Or just click here.

Oupss, wait. There is something for you

AzhamZanal has make a Twitter unique contest for this e-book. All you have to do is make a review of something like this about this Twitter Traffic Marketing e-book and win a special price from him. See, you not just get some free stuff, but also a price from him.

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  1. am

    I follow you back bro.. btw this the reason why this report been publish.. to educate other twitter user to follow back the people you follow… so you won’t get disappointed because when you following someone.. simply they follow you back on autopilot.. you can see their tweet and they also get the same.. we both get the benefit..

  2. QZoners

    Wow.. I think I will try to using twitter start from now. Thanks for sharring

  3. syuxx

    yeah, it really worth for us to follow back our follower. both still can get the benefits of the latest update. I have done this technique manually for a long time ago. But nowdays, there’s an autopilot of it.

    you wont regret trying twitter dude. it is fun and addictive. lol

  4. aflife

    oh. i guess i will give a try first.

  5. |1f34|-|1r3

    aku dh download dh ebook ni, xde masa jer nak baca…lgpon aku lg berminat ngan plurk…tp maybe apa dia ajar..leh diaplikasikan kat plurk..

  6. aeropama dot com

    aku menerima trafik yg agak hansome bila aku guna twitter feeds yg akan update twitter aku secara otomatik bila aku update post aku. boleh tahan juga…

    ps: mari follow aku di twitter melalui Aeropama Dot Com

  7. syuxx

    dont forget to share your twitter link here too. we’ll follow you soon

    as my opinion, plurk doesnt really have a lot of open application like twitter since twitter give out their API keys for software development.

    im not yet trying that twitter feeds. gonna give a try soon.

  8. TerAbAi

    tried it for my other blog. it looks good….

  9. syuxx

    yeah, now i am looking for hacks to make twitter tweets as wordpress blog post. something like sweetcron.
    but dont want to change a blog CMS just bcause twitter.

  10. [...] just guna twitter. malas pulak cuba function twitter dari web2 lain. review aku pasal ebook ni: Tweets for Traffic using your Twitter | Thumlog! worth to read! __________________ Im just a 16 y.old boy, sila bagi tunjuk ajar: Visit my [...]

  11. titan

    hoho..aku nak review gak la nanti. sekarang busy sket.

  12. syuxx

    owh, cant wait to see your review dude.

  13. estina

    your blog is very informative.. i love your blog.. :)

  14. syuxx

    Well, that’s what blogging about. Sharing information with other people :)

  15. olie

    What I wanna say is “Twitter is really fantastic!”.

    Follow my Twitter at

  16. mazuki

    yeah…twit is really fantastis to generate traffic to our blog….after i use twitter my alexa rank up from 4m sumthing to 2m sumthing…

    so, it’s really work

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