Tumblr Themes: Hermetiqa

tumblr theme hermetiqa Tumblr Themes: Hermetiqa

It seem like there are many people searching for Tumblr Themes to be used in their Tumblr blog. So, here I am to help you searching for a great good looking Tumblr Themes for your Tumblr blog. I created a new Category on this blog for this Tumblr Stuff. Well, Tumblr is such a great micro blogging medium. You should have one Tumblr Blog as your Web 2.0 Application. This is the first Tumblr Themes for you: Hermetiqa

hermetiqa tumblr themes Tumblr Themes: Hermetiqa

Hermetiqa is a really good looking Tumblr Theme design by Chvnx. This Tumblr Themes were using transparent design concept with some wood textures as the background for this theme. It look really simple and good looking Tumblr theme to be used. A bit modification to it will spice up this Tumblr theme to your Tumblr blog.

Hermetiqa also was built with 2-column tumblr theme design. Looking good too for you to add something there such as your biorgraphy, widgets and many more. As I have said before, a bit modification to this Tumblr theme CSS & HTML will make it look more better.

You can see this great Tumblr Theme demo at here: Hermetiqa | Download


  1. Aymará

    Nice theme!!! really original. Thanks!

  2. syuxx

    yeah, this tumblr theme is so cool.

  3. Taylor

    Can anyone tell me how to apply this theme to my tumblr? I understand that I have to copy and paste, but whenever i copy everything from the download page that is set up like this one and paste it all, the theme doesn’t work. Help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!


    Get a different background, and it will surely be an exclusive theme

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