Tumblr Theme coolest design roundup 2

tumblr theme design cooloes Tumblr Theme coolest design roundup 2

Before this, I have make a list of cool Tumblr Theme design and some tumblr free theme. I receive a lot of good amount of feedback, trackback and traffics from that post. Well, everyone love the tumblr design. Simple but work like charm. I also wanted to make my own Tumblr theme design, but it need time for me to study the codes. It just a simple xhtml & css code. So, here we go again, the Tumblr Theme coolest design roundup 2!

Jam Factory Online Portfolio

tumblr theme design 1 Tumblr Theme coolest design roundup 2

This theme design is really awesome. If you were looking for a tumblr theme that has been integrate with flash, JamFactory is a good example. This Tumblr theme owner using flash at the header and the link navigation bar. He also use .png transparency in this theme. Really awesome. You should check his tumblr theme at → JamFactory Tumblr Theme.

Dustin Hoffman’s Word

tumblr theme design 2 Tumblr Theme coolest design roundup 2

My first impression when looking at this theme is, “Oh, look at his tweeter. That’s so cool”. Dustin has style his tumblr theme with different css style on each different type of post. This tumblr design color scheme is really good. Check out his tumblr → Dustin Hoofman’s Tumblr Theme.

Dustin Develop

tumblr theme design 3 Tumblr Theme coolest design roundup 2

Well, this tumblr theme developer is also the same as above. But this one is much more attractive. With a bright colour scheme and using hot magma with dinasour in it, this is another coolest tumblr theme design.  Just like his tumblr theme above, this tumblr theme was also style with different css for every each different post type. Well, his tumblr design make you feel back in the Jurassic World !. Checkout this tumblr theme → Dustin develop Tumblr Theme.

Im in like with you

tumblr theme design 4 Tumblr Theme coolest design roundup 2

ImInLikeWithYou. Nice catchy domain name. His tumblr theme also really cool. He use rounded corner a lot in this tumblr design. As usual, theme header is the thing that i would like to see first. This theme was own by a web developer. Check out his blog post and his tumblr theme → Iminlikewithyou Tumblr Theme.

Tumblr: it’s the interweb

tumblr theme design 5 Tumblr Theme coolest design roundup 2

This tumblr theme design is own by StevenBeelen. This is a portfolio look like tumblr theme. Check it out, He use jQuery in this tumblr theme. Yeah, it’s really cool to see eveything pop-up and play just inside the box. Well, jQuery is a really cool thing to be integrate in your web design. Checkout his design → Steven Beelen Tumblr Design.

Extra Firm Hold

tumblr theme design 6 Tumblr Theme coolest design roundup 2

Cookies! This personal Tumblelog has simple & cool design. Using white color and wood textures in his design, the tumblr header once again impress me. Cookies and headphone. Well, this tumblr theme is well build. He has his twitter update on the right sidebar. On the earphone, he has his latest tune in his last.fm profile. Why not check it out by yourself → Extra Firm Hold Tumblr Theme.

That’s all for this second Tumblr theme collest design Roundup. There’s more and more cool tumblr theme will be created soon and I will take some of my time to show it to you!


  1. flisterz

    great collection here. love the extra firm and steven beelen design :D

  2. syuxx

    Yeah, the steven beelen design really cool. Now, i really wanted to learn about jQuery. Haha

  3. |1f34|-|1r3

    nice themes ! thanks for sharing this out…might be using it in the future !

  4. syuxx

    yeah, those theme design are really good for future reference.
    well, good atrist copy, great artist steal – pablo picasso. lol

  5. Paul Sanderson

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    You are more than welcome to promote your own sites, projects, comments and all… at the moment the posts go straight to the font page to it is good exposer and at least some sweet backlinks

    A mention or two about wscoop in you blog would do wonders too.



  6. reddebt

    ehm, maybe i can use your service next time. Thats really good i guess. :)

    nice and cute!

  7. syuxx

    Use my service? what service is it? design service? or blogging service?

  8. syuxx

    oke, ill register at that site soon.
    Sorry, ur comment was in the akismet

  9. titan

    semua best-best belaka. :)

  10. syuxx

    yup, why not give a try to tumblr. Who know it also can make money right? Haha

  11. Lia

    Can you help me how to change fonts on my layout?

  12. Yo

    Where can I get layouts this cool? I don’t want to make it myself I just want a freaking code.

  13. ink

    how to get the cute themes? where i can get it?

  14. syuxx

    The themes displays above are not being published for public release. Im so sorry.

  15. euroluxury

    thanks for tips.. i have been thinking to migrate mine to a new place :)

  16. tumblrhub

    wow..i like the tumblr themes here.

    You can check more tumblr themes here –> http://tumblrhub.com – enjoy

  17. tumblrhub

    wow..i like the tumblr themes here.

    You can check more tumblr themes here –> http://tumblrhub.com – enjoy

  18. tumblrhub

    wow..i like the tumblr themes here.

    You can check more tumblr themes here –> http://tumblrhub.com – enjoy

  19. Syuxx

    Thanks for sharing your website! Awesome stuff :)

  20. I’m trying to make something like Dustin Hoffmann, different styles for each post, but somehow I”m still figuring how to do it.. right now my solution is: photoshop ;) http://niciseoul.com
    If you have any suggestions how I can solve this solution please share! :)

  21. Iplayatwork

    check out my personal themes: http://www.tumblr.com/themes/by/iplayatwork

  22. genille

    sad the theme codes are not for public

  23. Wow, defiantly some cool designs. They are public themes… i’m making a small list of “the best” tumblr themes over here http://themeson.tumblr.com/ if anybody looking for well designed themes.

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