Thumlog dot com !

thumlogdotcom Thumlog dot com !

Thumlog! is my new blogging arena. I am officially owned my own domain. Well, you can take a look of it at I have officially activated this domain in 08 08 08. Yeah, that was the date of Beijing Olympic Games 2008. I bought the domain and hosting at  It really worth. Check them out. Whats up with the idea of Thumlog dot com? Well, you can read about it at Thumlog about me page.

Im gonna work for this new website for this few weeks or months. Yea, i need to focus built on it first. After everything settled back, here i am again. I think i’ll just post about Friendster Tutorial in this blog and the other techies stuff will be at my new blog, Thumlog!. Well, there it goes all the techies stuff and hot stuff. But you still can get in touch in this blog. Well, i wont waste this PAGERANK 3 blog. Because of this blog, all my other blog has gain PR 1 each of them.

I use the same theme for my Thumlog since this theme has really great performance. Plus, my adsense earning also boost up since I use this theme. Self-coded. That what make me really satisfied. I just make some minor change from this theme to adapted into Thumlog! At thumlog, i use the custom field function. Yeah, it look much more neat.

So, why not take a visit to Thumlog dot com! Drop some comment and share your thought.


  1. IcedNyior

    nok first link ya salah coz ktk lupa http://

    anyway, kacak :)

    IcedNyiors last blog post..Future Plans

  2. Gam-Bah-Te

    Domain Name:

    Expiry Date: 07-Aug-2009
    Days Left for Expiry: 359
    Record Creation Date: 07-Aug-2008
    Domain Status: Active

    Domain servers in listed order:

  3. syuxx

    huhu. thx for checking up the whois


    go go go syuxx go! last blog post..Video Klip Bila Aku Sudah Tiada, band Hujan

  5. syuxx

    haha, thanks dude!

  6. tini

    looks like a good blog. I like it. :)

  7. hanifmz <– just click and join !

  8. syuxx

    apa barang promote affiliate link sini?

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