Thinking of new theme design for this blog

Thumlog Theme by artkamek Thinking of new theme design for this blog
Wait for this picture to load. It’s kinda huge in size.
Well, i have spend my day today to look all over the design related website. Searching for inspirations. Actually, i’ve think that I want to change this blog theme. Well, this theme do still look great. But I want to make something that have more functions compare to this. So yeah, I make the design done in Adobe Photoshop. I also finish slice up all the image for the sake of CSS.

What is my inspirations? I got this inspirations when stumble upon at Kreativ Use blog. The 30 Cool Pink-ish Web Designs blog did give me some inspirations for the color combinations. Well, at least it does blend well.

So, I think im gonna coded this template into HTML & CSS first. Yeah, it is coding is painful for newbies like me. But i give a try for this. After I have finish coding this to HTML & CSS template, then I will convert it into WordPress Theme. Well, converting html templates to wordpress is much more easier since you just need to substitute the php codes to replace the HTML. Haha. Let see how this thing gonna work.

Designer out there, do have any idea to share with me? At least an easy tips to make a WordPress Theme does help me too. Dont worry, i’m a fast-learner person.


  1. Is

    Blog impression is the keyword here but if the post is unreadable, no point having a nice and stylish layout. Make the font size bigger, will you?

  2. syuxx

    lol. i didnt notice that this blog font is small. nway, i have increase it to 12px already.
    thanks for informing me :)

  3. Bat

    Syuxx, try this :

    Hope you find it useful.

  4. syuxx

    owh, thanks bat.
    a really nice tutorial.
    i also learn some of this from smallpotato wp tutorial

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