The very last way to get back old facebook

Now, Adam Luftig has already found the new way to get back the OLD FACEBOOK layout. If you had follow my previous tutorial on How to get the old Facebook back,

the trick is just the same to get back the old facebook. Al you have to do is paste this link:
to your firefox browser while logging on to Facebook and hell yeah, the OLD Facebook Layout is there again!

Tutorial credit to Luftig929.


  1. [...] Here’s the The very last way to get back old facebook trick! Same things as above, but just add the application to it while switching on useragents. [...]

  2. from hell

    thanks Adam you’re my hero

  3. syuxx

    your welcome dude!

  4. Dominique

    Doesnt work for me… I was on msn and my friend tried for me at her computer and it worked but when i tried it didnt for me… dont understand :S :’(

  5. Dale

    Yeah, looks like they’ve closed that hole as well :/

  6. Adry

    Thanks for the info

  7. tivitune

    too bad. i’m not really familiar with facebook.

  8. billybob

    doesn’t work anymore

  9. Barney Brooks

    Interesting article. Where did you have all the information from? I didn

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