Tear off your Advertlets code please

I just went to my modified friendster blog yesterday, and suprisingly it re-directed to other webpage which is ww.adbaaz.com something like that.

adsblogg Tear off your Advertlets code please

And it’s put there please renew your domain. WTF? I even cant view our forum, Malakat92.com because of this problem. But it going back after somewhile the admin remove the script. Hahaha. What a funny you advertlets.

From this web homepage

 Tear off your Advertlets code please

to this dull web homepage? lol

advertlets domain expired Tear off your Advertlets code please

See? Thx god because im not putting Advertlets code script in this blog. Because what? if im putting this script, i’ll lose my visitor. Damn you.

Let see, what is the disadvantage because of this problem:

1. Advertlets will lose their bloggers.
2. Advertiser also maybe will go to other Advertising company.
3. Not only the company and the advertiser will lose, the blogger also will.
4. Most of the pending checque pending will not be pay. maybe?
5. Blogger will lose on other advertising company too, because their visitor cant view their blog.
6. Most of all, PLEASE TEAR OFF YOUR ADVERTLETS CODE !! I cant view your blog sir!

Just replace it with other local advertiser company like Nuffnang or nufflets. But not grabmyads okeyh! because they wont show any advertisements on your blog. You just give them a huge backlinks on technorati only. Over several month, yet no advertiser? camon lah grabmyads. adohh.

As conclusions:



  1. Wirasutra

    haha, mmg funny advertlets. aku dah padam kod iklan tu.. huuhuu…

  2. Izzudin

    kecewa diriku

  3. deennasour

    izz kecewa,,100 tak dpt2 lagi,,

  4. HaRiZ

    hahaha…rm100 menjadik rm0.00001 je…hambik sekali penangan dari josh lim….hahaha

  5. syuxx

    yah3, some advertlets know how to make a joke. that’s COOL. hahaha

    apasal kecewa pulak? ekeke

    hahaha. sian nya eyh

    fuyoo. kesian nya dgn kau hariz. dr 100 pergi point zero. dem3

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