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I’ve been tagged again by E-zoodeen, the owner of GuaMedia. The Instructions is:

INSTRUCTIONS: You have to answer the questions provided. But, here’s the twist; you’ve got to answer the questions while listening to songs on Winamp or any music players, with list of your favorite songs in random/ shuffle mode. And to make things even interesting, the questions have to be answered based on the songs you are currently listening to – like for each new question, you gotta hit “NEXT” on your player and see what song comes up next, and from there, you have got to answer the questions and each answer has be based on or related to that particular song.

OMG!! that’s so hard. Nway, for not disappointing the person that tagged me, i’ll do this. Hahaha. Well, i will enqueue some songs album from my MP3 playlist which is OhChentaku, BitterSweet, Matematik,Hujan (Check2Rock), Seconhand Serenade & some other random songs. ^^

The Questions:

#1 : If someone say “Is This Ok?” You say?
Song : Secondhand Serenade – Vulnerable
Answer : Awh, i am so vulnerable to answer to this questions. What’s okey darl?

#2 : What would best describe your best personality?
Song : Seconhand Serenade – Your Call
Answer : Yeah, call me anything. Because you know that i was born to tell you i love you. Haha

#3 : What do you like in a guy/girl?
Song : OhChentaku – Fallback
Answer : Emm, a girl that will not fallback to her “ex”?? lol.

#4 : How do you feel today?
Song : Vanilla Sky-Umbrella
Answer : Ohh, im feeling like i am under an umbrella? oh ella ella ek ek. lol :)).

#5 : What is your life purpose?
Song : Secondhand Serenade – Pretend
Answer : Yeah, honestly sometimes pretending is much more better than revealing the truth for me. Hermm.

#6 : What is you motto?
Song: Hujan – Ku Mahu Kau Tahu (i want you to know)
Answer :I want you to know me much more better before judging me here and there.

#7 : What do your friends think about you?
Song : OhChentaku – Polaroid
Answer : Like a piece of polaroid with hundreds of meaning. The songs speak it all for me. And every time that you are f*cking proud of what you’re not? ohhh

#8 : What do you think about your parents?
Song : Hujan – Lepaskan Aku (leave me)
Answer : Honestly, i need some more space for me to chill out with my friends mum :(. Hahaha

#9 : What do you think about very often?
Song : Matematik – Bintang (Star)
Answer : Ohh, looking at star at night will make me think about life and how powerful god is.

#10 : What do you think about bestie?

Song :Yuna – Dan Sebenarnya (And the real is)
Answer : There real is, i really heart my friends eventhough sometimes i dislikes them. ROFL. But, who is me? without them..

#11 : What do you think of the person you like?

Song : SeconhandSerenade – Suppose
Answer : OMG! we suppose to be together ^^. I always dreaming about being like that. lol.

#12 : What’s your life story?
Song : Chris Brown – With You
Answer : All, i want in my life if be with you lil’ mama.(lol, taht according CB songs okeyh. So fckng jiwang dah)

#13 : What do you want to be when grow up?
Song : Nujabe ft. Jay-z – Encore (remix)
Answer : After me there’ll be no more? lol. I want to do the things back. That’s ENCORE.

#14 : What do you think when you see the person you like?
Song : BitterSweet – Capitel E
Answer : Awh. Capital E? According to the songs lyric, I CANT DECIDED!! haha

#15 : What do your parents think of you?

Song : Simple Plan – When Im gone
Answer : When they gone, what will these kids be? uhh, that’s so sad.

#16 : What will you dance to at your wedding?

Song : Komplot – Konflik (conflict)
Answer : If really this songs, that it will be fckng awesome dowh. It will be punk retro disko night in my wedding. lol. Berdansa bersama, ikut rentak irama. Ku gembira, kau gembira. Kita ubat sgl duka.

#17 : What’s your hobby/interest?
Song : The Wicked Offspring
Answer : Scolding those “wicked offspring”? i dont interested with wicked offspring. They, SUCKS!!

#18 : What’s your biggest fear?
Song : SecondHand Serenade – Stranger
Answer : I dont really talk to stranger. But, what’s world without stranger (Giordani clthing tagline, lol)

#19 : What’s your biggest secret?
Song : OhChentaku – Serenade
Answer :I can SING!! lol. But i never ever singing in public. Haha

#20a: What do you think about the person who started this tag?!!!
Song : Hujan – EmpayarMu (Your Empire)
Answer : Suku kaum mu memang begitu !! lol. Yeah, maybe the person that started this tag have a big TAG empire. Uhh? lmao

#20b: What do you think about the person who tagged you to do this entry?!!!
Song : Matematik- Satu (ONE)
Answer : HE is the only one that tagged this blog!! no one other. Hahaha. Thanks ya ^^V

Fuhh, at last i answer it all already *wink²*. Just like AisyahRozi, I have no other person to be tagged. Yeah, i hate to tagged people. Wow, that’s lame. ROFL.

People that does this tag:

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  1. Izzudin

    really? no one else tagged u b4… wawawa….

  2. syuxx

    kalau tak salah akulh.
    mmg kau yg first tagged di blog ini.
    hahaha. lain kali tag2 lagi ya.
    kadang2 mmg takda idea nak ber blogging ^^

  3. khalil

    lepaskan aku. LOL that’s funny.

    thanks for visiting my blog ya!

  4. Izzudin

    yesshhh….. saye amat berbangge jadi nombor 1… :D

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