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I was tagged by Izuddin which had been tagged before by Deenasour. So, here it goes my 5 favourite Website and Blog to be visited daily. A must actually. Lol.

1. Friendster.com

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Friendster is the first website that will be open everytime the browser startup. This is where i stay connected with my old, current and new friends. Also where i can find hot chicks to be meet in raelity. lol. From here also, i learn the basic of HTML and CSS accidently. lol ^^V

2. Tumblr Log

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Tumblr.com is my new addiction as what i’ve state at my late post right? Here is place where i post crappy, rambling and cursing stuff. Lol. It really cool and easy to use dowh.

3. Nuffnang.com.my & Innit.Nuffnang.com

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From this website, i can anylyse my blog statics. Why? because i think Nuffnang one is really user friendly. Haha. Even i didnt get any ADS from Nuffnang for about a month already. What happen Timothy Tiah? Aiyaaa. I love Innit too. I heart Dung off people post than Nang it. *evil eye. ekeke

4. Youtube.com

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Just like khai, youtube also my favourite website. I rarely watch TV. So, youtube is the place for me to watch latest news, movies, music video and semi-pr0n. lol. I also learn how to dance from this website too. And some tutorial and DIY stuff too. See, youtube is really usefull. iHEART youtube. haha

5. Imeem.com

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Imeem is the place where i can listen music via web streaming. Yah, i love to upload music here too because it cant be downloadable by others. Hahaha. Imeem is better that esnips.com !!

For top FIVE blog that visited by me is: 

1. Mohdismail.netI heart this malay blog so much.

2. Flisterz.com - Even his blog is rarely update, but i love to see his blog design. Ofcourse im anylsing something from that blog. haha. :P

3. Syamsulariff.com - An informative blog to be visited by you. It have different type of topic been posted daily. ^_^

4. Justkhai.comAnother malay blog that i really heart for it informative content.

5. 5xmom.comMoney blog TIPS! i love 5xmom rambling about pagerank and online money making.

Urghh~ i dont have anyone to tagged. haha.

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  1. deennasour

    sudah aku agak website and blog yg jadi fav ko..ngehe~
    7/10 betul…ngehe

  2. syamsulariff.com

    erk..3 org tag nie..ok ok nanti aku jawab ye :D

  3. syuxx

    hahah. mena ya ^^V

    yah3, jawab jgn xjawab.

  4. KNizam

    wahhhh dapat tengok web baru la :)

  5. rock princess

    Small world! I also visit friendster and youtube. See you around.

  6. khai

    wohoo… thanks ek bro… :D dulu blog ko ni lain.. ni aku masuk dah power dah… congrate ~

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