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Let’s forgot about the last post about Hujan that has been fuked at JB. Lets play TAGG!! I was tagged by our wordpress theme princess, AisyahRozi from her post: A little bit more about Aisyah. The tag rules:

Once you’ve been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random facts, habits, or goals about yourself — at the end choose 5 people to be tagged. Don’t forget to leave them a comment saying “You’re It!” and to go read your blog. You cannot tag the person that tagged you.

Okey, that’s it. 10 random facts or so-whatever about me. Here it goes:

1. I dont know how to play Football.
Seriously, this guy know nothing about football. Do that deserve to be call as guy? Hehe. Most of my friends can play football well. Maybe im just one of the “kaki bangku” student. Hehe. I dont watch football match too.

2. I love to talks so much in the class.
I talk, and get smack by the teacher. Dont know why i got this talking-bitch-so-hard symptom. Especially when I’m sit with the girls in the class. And yes, the craps begin. Haha. But im kinda quiet if my bestfriends is not around in the class. Lmao.

3. I am a fanatic of Malaysia Independent music scene.

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This is the reason why I was tagged by Aisyah. Just because I heart the Indie Music so much. I started to get know about the indie local scene 2 years ago. Ohyeah, dont talk shit about the local acts in Malaysia or else you get the flamethrower from me. Hehe. I really hate mainstream artist. Yes, everything about mainstream. Mainstream is just a propaganda. Demit.
4. Lack in communication skill.
Ofcourse I talks so much. But that just craps. Everyone can talk craps right? But for real, I cant speak out at the public audience. I only know to talk in Sarawak malay language. That’s it. Apart from that, none. I think that talking in other language is weird. WTF? But im not racist or semangat kenegeriaan okeyhh..

5. Seafood is kill me.
I cant eat seafood. Im alergic to it. Haha. If i still eating it, Then pimples will appeared fuking too much. I hate the pimples, so i hate seafood too. ^^

6. Video games is boring.
Ohyeas, I dislikes video games so much. I thinks that video games is for noob. Haha. Video games is really really boring. There’s nothing fun for me about video games. Why? because it is boring lahhh~ the real thing is: im sucks in playing game. tee-hee

7. I can use Adobe Photoshop & Fruity Loops 7 !
And that makes me fuking geeky. What is Photoshop & Fruity Loops 7? Dont be lazy, google them. Haha. I dont know since when i’ve using them. I wish i can use that Illustrator & Flash as good as my ps & fl skill. T.T

8. I love Milo Ice.
Milo ice filling my throat everyday & night. Hehe. I was drink it since aged ago & never get bored to it. ROFL. One of my favourite drinks to be ordered in Restaurant. Hehe

9. Street fashion owned me.
I use to be in street fashion thing with that grungy design tshirt, backpacks, shoes & all that. It’s grungy design, not grunge oke. Im not really a loyal fashion stalker into some of the music genre. I just change whenever i want. Yes, i am poser or whatever you call that. I am what i am. I do what i do.

10. I hate to appear as online !!
I always switch my yahoo messenger to invisible although i am online for 24hours perhaps that day. Chatting is kinda of boring. I only chat with cute girls when i have mood towards it. but i can go crazy over chatting sometimes. But the chances for it is just 2 out of 10. hehe

Well, that’s it the answers for this tag. Thanks to AisyahRozi for tagging me and may your famous spread a bit to this blog. Haha. Oupss, i almost forgot about the important things for tagging. Ohyes, this time i WILL tag other bloggers. Hehe. There will be 5 victims for this tag. The lucky victims is:

1. Flisterz – For having the great inspirational blog!
2. Don Kambing – For being the best kambing farm everr!
3. Nono Writes – Hey Ho! Mirians blogger!!
4. Menteil – Menteil ruless!!
5. StarWalker – Hey, Speakerz Network!!

Actually, i dont really care whether you want to answer this tag or not. But, if you are COOL then answers this tag :p. tee-hee
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  1. helmie.

    about num 5~
    there’s something called acne treatment you know.
    btw, seafood is yummy lah~
    you should try it sometimes. :)

  2. starwalker

    kadabushh.. im hit im hit hahaha

  3. syuxx

    ya i know there’s treatment for that. but i will never ever gonna think that eating seafood is yummy. ROFL.
    but i’ll try one if this alergic is cureable. haha

    hit it ! hit it ! answer it oke. hehe

  4. menteil

    kate tag aku…
    xder pon nama aku..

  5. syuxx

    lol. aku terdelete bahagian last2 post. Tu lah dia hilang. tpaksa lah tulis baru lagi. haha.

    jawab jgn tak jawab. ^^

  6. menteil

    byk sungguh hutang tag aku…

    (sajer nak gtau aku nak hold dulu)

  7. syuxx

    ouh, takpa2. aku tak paksa pun suruh jawab. hehehe.

    ayat terakhir post kat atas:

    “But, if you are COOL then answers this tag :p. tee-hee”

    hhaha :P

  8. helmie.

    haha. u’r sarawakian right? most of the food there based on seafood. haisyh! i couldn’t imaging seeing people didn’t ate seafood. those delicious fish, orangish prawn. haha! && crab. haha! :bb and i never heard about something getting allergy. mayb you ada “resdung”? haha. :bb

  9. syuxx

    hey, how you know that? i’ve been suffered that “fuking disease” since i was a kid. Yups, that makes me allergic to seafood. But i can eat a minimum of them. If eating it a lot that make me allergic. hehe

  10. helmie.

    haha! i saw ur daily craps in the sidebar and noticed few sarawak language. haha! i’m a half sarawak and half kelantan. well, i eat everything. haha! :) it’s okay. there’s nothing wrong with that, but you’ll lose the pleasure of eating seafood. yummy! haha. haven’t you tried any med? :b heh!

  11. haha..
    No.5 = same with me..my skin feel itchy w/e i ate sea food.
    No.6 = totally opposite of me.. ; )

  12. razifmustapha

    fact no 3 & 7 aku sokong penuh, fact no 5 aku tak sokong, coz aku suka makan seafood!! :) aku suka makan fish & chips!

  13. flisterz

    wah byk gak yang same ngan aku. haha
    btw aku reply tag ni lmbt sket kot. busy ah byk test -_-

  14. nono

    rs macam penah buat jak.. really. but in case i wanna do it again then i’ll do it la k.. :)

  15. syuxx

    yah. hey, i love to use serawak language to blogged. but no one will understand what i am talking about right? hehe. So, i just a minor of them. Simple. Hehe

    you must be a hardcore game player right? haha

    aku nak makan ikan yg tak macam ikan. hehe

    takpa lah kalu xdpt buat dulu. nanti2 pun boleh. ^^

    oke. JUST DO IT!! :p

  16. helmie.

    haha. syuxx. aku pown tawu jugak :b
    tp i’ll make it secret and shhh! :)

    btw, baru perasan header post neyh.
    ko pakai pen tool kn utk buat glowing line tuh kn?
    buleyh ajar aku x?
    aku dh bc bnyk tuto.
    tp maseh xreti pakai pen tool tuh. huhu!

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  18. Aisyah

    haha. yang post pasal hujan tu comment dia panas je. i layan je. haha. gedik.

    thanks for answering this tag.

    and oh, it doesn’t matter if you can’t play football. biasa la tu. ;) I like fashion too. i actually do like video games but I’m not addicted to it. i play it for a while. and that’s just it.

    and if you can’t really talk in public, there’s always a room for improvement, right? It does give you shivers on first times but it’ll go aways soon after you get used to it. :)

  19. syuxx

    ouh. ya, aku guna pentool. just right click & press stroke path.
    kalau nak tahu byk2 lagi, aku sarankan tgk ni:


    dia ada kumpol semua the best tutorial on glow effects using PS and IL.
    smashingmagazine, the best graphic design tuto source. hehe

    i do play football a bit lah. Tapi just playing w/out general knowledge about it. tee-hee.

    ya, mmg pun dia dapat di developing lagi. just need time & effort toward that. hehe. normal lah kan. hihi


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