Simple Tumblr Theme: ProWhite 2.0

tumblr theme prowhite Simple Tumblr Theme: ProWhite 2.0

Seems it like many people are coming to this site searching for tumblr theme, I wouldn’t want to disspointed you all. So, here I am again updating a new cool, beautiful and nice tumblr theme for your tumblelog. So, I just stumbled upon this nice clean tumblr theme called ProWhite 2.0. It is a really nice tumblr to be used to your tumblelog. Lets check out what this ProWhite 2.0 theme have for your tumblelog.

prowhite tumblr theme Simple Tumblr Theme: ProWhite 2.0

First of all, I choosed this tumblr theme layout to be share with my readers because I love the simplicity of this theme. It is in plain white color with nice soft light blue sidebar. This theme is 2-column tumblr theme created by Josh Jenkins and it is named as ProWhite 2.0 Tumblr theme. It maybe a bit boring tumblr theme for someone that seek for interesting and colourful tumblr themes. But you can adjust this tumblr theme to any color that you want using CSS.

And if you don’t know anything about CSS, don’t worry because you also can use Customizeable Color option in tumblr settings since this tumble theme is built in with this functions.

It also have a menu bar with search box at the top of this tumblr theme left sidebar. Really nice minimalistic sidebar. It have a built-in Tumbleroll widgets to show tumblr blog that you follow. And if you are a Twitter user, this tumblr theme also has a built-in Twitter Widgets so you can tell your tumblelog readers your current twitter twitts. Oh, by the way follow me in twitter too if you have one: Twitter // Syuxx .

Apart from that, this tumblr theme also offer you with built-in embeded Disqus Comment Thread widgets. All you have to do is replaced the Disqus Widget code with your own disqusforumurl code. Disqus is a really good comment widgets to be used with your tumblr theme layout.

Enough said, you can download & live preview this tumblr theme code & read the installations guide at ProWhite official page: ProWhite 2.0

tumblr theme nuffnang Simple Tumblr Theme: ProWhite 2.0

And thanks for visitor that come to my blog searching for tumblr themes !! Over 300 peoples per day come to my blog looking for tumblr themes to be used on their tumblelog !! Cool


  1. Michelle

    Where did you get the widget to generate “related posts”?

  2. euroluxury

    thanks for tips.. i have been thinking to migrate mine to a new place :)

  3. D. Butz

    anyone still have the css code for this? its been taken down

  4. Barrett Jewett

    I don’t like embedding unknown javascript on my site, it makes it insecure. I’d rather have straight html, like this widget.

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