How to migrating old wordpress to the new one

migrating wordpress How to migrating old wordpress to the new one

A few days ago, i was just finished migrating my old lovely wordpress blog, which is Dare to be Rare? since i think I could update two blog with the same niche together. But, I still love and missing my good ol’ day posting on that old wordpress blog. So, I decide to migrate that blog together into this blog and get daily traffic back from my old blog. So, here’s how I make all the things work. Follow on this Tutorial on How to migrate your old wordpress blog to your new wordpress blog.

First, migrating your old wordpress blog are just using this simple technique which is: Export, Import & Re-Direct it. So, let begin which each of them follow by the sequence.

Export your Old WordPress blog post

First, you need to Export all your old post & content that you have in your previous wordpress blog. Using this simple technique, it will backup and export all your blog post, comments, categories, picture that you host and also page. So, to avoid duplications on category and page, make sure you backup and delete all your late page and categories.

To export the wordpress XML file, login to your old wordpres admin dashboard. And then, click on the manage tab. After that click on the export at the sub-tab.  You will see this following option.

exporting old wordpress blo How to migrating old wordpress to the new one

Choose to export all authors or you just can select anyone that you. But, I am highly recommend you to choose the All Authors option. And then, download the XML file to your computer. Now, you’ve already finish exporting the XML file, so lets upload it back using the Import Option in your new wordpress blog.

Importing back the old wordpress to new wordpress

So, we have alreay finish exporting the XML file. Lets uplaod it back. At the dashboard panel, click on manage > import. Then, you will see a table with a lot of importing option from other blog CMS. Choose wordpress which is at the bottom of the table. This will import posts, comments, custom fields, pages, and categories from the WordPress export file.

importing wordprexx xml fil How to migrating old wordpress to the new one

Upload back the old wordpress XML file that we have export and download before. Just follow all the option that wil be ask after the uploading process. Now your’e DONE! All the post, comment, and all that has been imported to your current and brand new wordpress.

Now, to make sure Google give some love to your blog and not penalty you for duplicate content, lets redirect your old wordpress blog to your new wordpress blog.

Redirect old wordpress using .htaccess

To redirect your old wordpress to the new one is so easy. It’s not only redirect your blog domain url, but also redirect the old wp post link to your new wordpress blog which this option will automatically redirect any old url and matched it to the link in your new wordpress blog.

To redirect, we will use the redirect 301 in the .htaccess file. Now, how to do that? First, open up your FTP programme (i use filezilla here). And the browse through your file in the in the main core of your wordpress file which is where all the wordpress cms file located at. Then, select the .htaccess file in your public_html folder and download it.

download the htaccess file How to migrating old wordpress to the new one

After that, open that file using your Notepad. Then, you will this bunch of code such as this (content may vary):

# BEGIN WordPress
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

# END WordPress

Now, you need to add the wordpress Redirect 301 code to the .htaccess file. The code will look like this:
Redirect 301 / But, if your old blog have a folder eg:, you also need to add the /sucks folder in the .htaccess file too. So, the code will look like this:

Redirect 301 /sucks/

Then, the final code in your .htaccess file will look like this:

# BEGIN WordPress
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
Redirect 301 /

# END WordPress

Save the file and upload it back to your old wordpress main root folder using your FTP programme. And then, try to login to your old wordpress blog and it will redirect to your brand new wordpress blog. See? that is really easy right. You also doesn’t need to worry losing your old blog traffic since all the link in google search result will be redirect to your new wordpress blog. Look at this example, click on the link below, which is from my old wordpress blog and it will redirect to the new one:

Notice the URL changes? Well, that is the power of Redirect 301! Now you can migrate any of your old wordpress blog to the new one without worry losing your visitor. The only thing that you may lose is your wordpress blog pagerank.


  1. |1f34|-|1r3

    nice tutorial bro…glad you’re sharing this with the readers! maybe you should also make a tutorial on how to bypass the 2 MB limit for the upload file…usually php will not allow to import more than 2MB file…depends on the hosting though !

  2. syuxx

    it is not 2mb. the limit is 8mb. I dont think the XML file will exceed more than 8mb unless the XML is contain all your post from 5years ago.

    php doesnt allow it? well, i try to look out solution for that.

  3. reddebt

    ehm..nice tutorial. I guess it will be a great help to anyone who want to migrate their content. :)

  4. TerAbAi

    hahahah….i didn’t even know that a hosting have any limit. i thought it was unlimited

  5. syuxx

    yeah, I just write about this since i dont find anything help me on the web for the first time. I mean, a complete tutorial on how to migrate our wordpress blog. So, i just compile it together to make it easy for others.

    lol. what kind of limit? mysql? addon domain?

  6. emme

    heheh… thanks bagi tutorial free :)

  7. titan

    bagus. Aku tau benda nih. tapi malas tul nak tulis kat blog pasal tutorial nih. Hehe..

  8. Adry Sabry

    wow… thanks for the tips… very nice of you… very detail…

    Adry @

  9. syuxx

    no probs. sharing is caring :)

    haha. np bro. you can write anything if you have time for it. It is all about time consuming. Hehe

    oke, ur welcome.

  10. El

    thanks for tips.. i have been thinking to migrate mine to a new place :)

  11. adil

    boleh guna .htaccess utk redirect ek. sblm ni aku guna javascript jek. btw, nice info bro. thanks…

  12. reddebt

    wait, did you know how to transfer our blogspot post to wordpress??

  13. syuxx

    yeah, really hope this help you

    yups, even you also can do this in cpanel. If you have one in your webhosting. Go to domain redirect.

    It is easy. Go to manage > import and select that blogger option. It will import the XML file of your blogspot post automatically.

  14. reddebt

    actually, i already try it. But its not working..

  15. Ariah Fine

    Wait, I tried the link you mentioned and it didn’t work. Page Load Error. Something up?

  16. syuxx

    @ariah fine
    the subdomain just got deleted by the main domain: owner.
    thats why it doesnt worked anymore. my good ol day blogging was started from there. really missed it ^^

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  18. euroluxury

    thanks for tips.. i have been thinking to migrate mine to a new place :)

  19. Ricky

    I have few questions before migrating my old blog to new blog. How can I delete the pages and categories? Do you mean to say that delete the pages and categories before migrating(exporting)? If yes then don’t you think the posts will be in no category.
    I have a blog in /blog directory and some of the posts has a structure like and some of them has a structure How do I tackle this problem?
    .-= Ricky ´s last blog ..Windows 7 and Windows Vista Godmode:Basic Understanding =-.

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