Record audio using Audacity

Did you ever wish to steal off some undownloadable audio music files from the net? for example like from, youtube, DVD/Movies and etc? So here is my NOOB way to do it. There’s a lot way to do it actually. Just go gooling. Okish, to follow this tutorial you need to download “Audacity Sofware.” You can choose whether to download the portable one or the normal one. You can get the portable Audacity at

In this tutorial, im using the Portable one.

audacity Record audio using Audacity

1. First, download and extract the file that you have download. Then open it.

auda1 Record audio using Audacity

2. After that, go and find the audio file that u wanna record. For example here, i use secondhand Serenade song from

auda2 Record audio using Audacity

3. Then go back to your Audacity. Make sure u select this option (StreoMix) likes below picture:

auda3 Record audio using Audacity

4. Then press then record button(the red colour) to start record the audio.

auda4 Record audio using Audacity

5. Then start recording the audio. Make sure you didnt play any other songs okish. Or else it will be dubbing together.

auda5 Record audio using Audacity

6. After finish recording it, press the stop button. Now, to save the audio into mp3 file, you need to download first the lame_enc.dll file. Follow the instructions here. You will be asking for it later. To save the audio, click file => Export as Mp3.

auda6 Record audio using Audacity

7. Wait for the saving process.

auda7 Record audio using Audacity

8. And , YAY! ^_^ you have that file.

auda8 Record audio using Audacity

Okeyh3,.that’s my noob way to steal off some audio from the net especially flash file. Actually, to get the better quality you can tweak the sound file on the effect option. Enough for today.

p/s: 27th dec is coming. my pmr result. T_T. wish me luck. demit3,.


  1. elliv

    i’m also the one who has been using this software… best recordable sound quality!!!

  2. stupidfox_91

    i also use audacity to convert my old casettes (did i spell it right) in mp3..

  3. syuxx

    yurp2. but the best recording sofware is adobe audition. tp kenak bayar lah. audacity FREE. so, just use the open source.

    wohh!! might wonder how to do that hurmm.

  4. phajeJ

    I’m having a problem to set audacity to the “stereo mix” option?.. after i downloaded the program the box was blank and couldn’t change anything.. help?

  5. syuxx

    umm? really cant set it?
    i think u need to close the program and open it back.
    if still cant, try to re-install it or check the FAQ at audacity webpage.
    it might be help u.

  6. Wolventear

    gues it works for me but having bit problems with its quality output……. thanks anyways master………

  7. syuxx

    if you want to boost up the quality, you can tweak the sounds. it may sound good lol

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