PPC vs SEO: Which is the best?

ppc vs seo PPC vs SEO: Which is the best?

In the internet, traffics is the most valuable aspect for a website. If you are a products creator and wanted to sell it online, there are two famous way for you to get traffics to your promotional products which is whether using Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing and using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are both pros and cons for both marketing technique.

1. Pay Per Click Marketing
pay per click PPC vs SEO: Which is the best?
I have been using PPC to promote a lot of affiliate products and get quality traffics for my promotional website page. There are two famous Pay Per Click company that you can use such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM). The pros about using PPC is, you can easily get instant traffics for the keywords that you bid in your PPC account. Apart from that, your can target a certain phrase of keywords that might lead a sell to your products.

The cons about PPC is it always costs you a lot of money. Sometimes for a certain keywords, they are a lot of advertisers that bid for the same keywords too. That is why you need to wise in spending for PPC campaign. You might need a PPC Campaign Management to help you to run a profitable campaign on your PPC account.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
search engine opt PPC vs SEO: Which is the best?
SEO is also very famous way to market your products. This is because using SEO, you can get a free natural traffics from the search engine such as google, yahoo and bing. With SEO too, your traffics also will be consistent for a long periods thus make your site more profitable.

The cons of SEO is, it always take a long time for you to optimize your site and get a better rank on the search engine for a certain keywords. A part from that, there are a lot of people optimizing their site for the same keywords as you. You also need to be consistent and always keep up to date with the current news about SEO. So, you need to be patient in using SEO to get traffics because most of the results take about 2 to 3 months for you to see the effect.

Well, of PPC and SEO have their of good and bad sites. You also can combine both marketing technique to gain more profit & better traffics to your website. You also can further you reading about this on this PPC vs SEO article.


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    both. i use both. i also love both method.
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  4. i haven’t use PPC using YSM before so i can’t say the effectiveness of the technique is depend on how we choose the niche, keywords, and also the ads itself. But, I do like SEO very much.

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    I think both is important. They can give good results on a different way.

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