PERSETANKAN: Edisi 29 Flora

Track: Sail Away
Artist: Jason Lo

perstakflora PERSETANKAN: Edisi 29 Flora has been back again with a new theme. Before this, the previous theme was “Hawa” means Woman. This April, brings you with a new theme called “FLORA”.

Flora refers to those “all living plant in some area or time”, especially indigenous plant. The term “flora” is originated from Latin language, FLORA, that meant goddess of flower in Rome’s mythology. The vice versa term for the animals is fauna. The beauty of flora or flower certainly cant be deny and often make womenfolk persuader. With beauty flora that come along we express it to our “Jeritan Jiwa(Soul Expression)”

So, try your best to produce as creative as you can to indicate that you appreciate the beauty of the “FLORA”. Please do not submit any typical photos, which is too regular from the aspect angle, perspective etc.

Term and regulation

  1. Maximum 5 photos for each contributor.
  2. The word “flora” must be insert along in your photo.
  3. Make sure there’s a “caption” that speaks for your photos.
  4. Are sure your photos fulfill for the theme FLORA?
  5. Coloured photo only.
  6. Only original photos are accepted. Original meant you captured and produced it by yourself.
  7. Please compiled along your “Submission Title” for your photo.
  8. Also compiles your blog URL, myspace or friendster.
  9. Only this photo size is accepted: 400×300, 300×400, 450×300 or 300×450 pixel.
  10. You are not allowed to add “border” in your photo.
  11. Minor editing is accepted.
  12. If you are using phonecamera, make sure it is 2 m.pixel and above.
  13. Submit your photo and along with the detail at: [email protected]

Here’s some example of the photos which you can refer as for inspiration:

1. Merah Hati by Jin
2. Broken Love by sisterofheaven
3. Indahnya Ciptaan Tuhan by Nora

mir02 PERSETANKAN: Edisi 29 Flora Now, what you waiting for? take your camera & go wild !!


  1. pamsong

    It’s cool how the ants can be seen on the flower but… can be sharper, right? Seems a bit soft focused to me. Hmmm.

    But that’s just me. Cheers! =)

  2. syuxx

    hehehe. i dont really know about that actually.
    the photo was originally captured by
    hehehe. i dont think i can shot picture the best like him


  3. Bella

    heh XD i was suprised seeing the link :P
    thanks for promoting Persetankan..
    and my pic LOL!

    Bellas last blog post..Why I Am Not Engaged?

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