Payment from Freebies4webmasters – Receive!

freebies4webmasters receive Payment from Freebies4webmasters   Receive!

I just got the sign up commision from Freebies4webmasters yesterday. Well, a lot of other people also already receive their payment from this make money online program. It is pretty easy. They also pay you in pound sterling.

freebies4webmaters payment 238x300 Payment from Freebies4webmasters   Receive!

So, that is my payment proof from Freebies4webmasters. How does this program work? Well all you have to do is just placed their banner ads to your blog and yoou will be paid for every month. You can placed up to 3 banner ads per website. So, if you have a lot of blog different that cover different topics/niche, this is a chance for you to earn money from your blog. Take a look the example of the banner ads at one of my  blog → Dare to be Rare? The banner ads is at the bottom of the post.

Freebies4webmasters payed their member through paypal. So, you need a paypal account first to join this program. Register your paypal for free. You will receive £10.00 GBP for your sign up and another £5.00 GBP for another next month. £10.00 GBP is equal to $17.00 dollar & RM 61.00 is converted into Ringgit Malaysia. It is already enough for you to pay your blog hosting & domain.

So, why not give a try to this program. Register under my affiliate link →

Start earning and make money online with Freebies4webmaster !


  1. terabai

    congratulations bro. He He He. Hopefully this will keep up until the end. I am still waiting for the monthly payment though

  2. Moolahking

    Well well well, congrats on your payment. As for me, i made none. But i don’t give damn much about it.

    Anyway, i should try to earn money from blogging, though.

  3. syuxx

    Yeah, but i still didnt get any for the monthly yet. Well, ned to be patient first

    Hehe. You can earn some money with your blog. But dont forget your main blogging focus, to share with people. :)

  4. Elafyf

    thanx for sharing!!!


    kita dapat duit tiap2 bulan tetap ke?
    xbergantung pada jumlah clicks ke?

    cant register..

    “We are unable to accept new applicants for Freebies4Webmasters due to technical problems we are currently workign to resolve this issue.”

  5. syuxx

    no, it not depend on click.
    the paid for every month 5gbp per site.

    tak dapat register? maybe region quote di full dah kot.
    too much advertisers dari publishers.
    just like mine, also cannot submit a new webite T_T

    menyesal tak register awal2 dulu. Haha. Lama dah tahu, tapi malas bertindak. lol

  6. Try again…

  7. Wait 48 hours and then try again…

  8. terabai

    syuxx….is that really from freewebmasters?

  9. syuxx

    I dont know. But his ip address is coming from US.
    Maybe so, or maybe not.

  10. titan

    dia ada 2 site tapi point ke tempat yg sama..


    ko search mana-mana, leh masuk dan login.

  11. Adry

    waa interesting… nak gak buat la.. best best.. hehehe

    Adry Sabry @

  12. Adry

    huhu dah try tapi ble la.. sedih sedih.. huhu

    ini mesejnya:
    We are unable to accept new applicants for Freebies4Webmasters due to technical problems we are currently workign to resolve this issue. If you have an existing account these are not affected, please log in below

  13. tivitune

    huhu. same with me adry. I got the same message.

  14. kakashi

    Have you receive the earning for october? are they dead?

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