One column Friendster Layout Script

friendster one column One column Friendster Layout Script

Oke, you tired with Friendster Hide Codes Layout and think it lame? Well, why not switch into Friendster Javascript Layout aka Friendster JS LAyout. Well, javascript has been known as one of the powerful code language in this world web wide. Apart from injecting external css file to Friendster, you could also injected a javascript file in it. So, today let try to make your own One Column Friendster layout with this Friendster JS Trick.

Now, in Friendster CSS Hide codes you only can hide the boxes right? But, with js you can manipulate the location of the box because js language can change the position of a Div tag. So, if you want to create a single column friendster layout with featured friends, group and friends underneath the comment box, you can apply this One Colum Friendster Layout script. Pretty easy. Just copy the below code. Code credit to Feruzz from Ftalk.

* One Column Friendster Profile (Pure DOM)
* Copyright 2008 by FeRuZZ ©
* In Cooperation with FriendsterTalk @
* Timestamp: June 02, 2008
* Browser Compatibility: IE6, IE7, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Opera 9, Safari 3.0

/*global oColumn, attachOnLoadHandler, window, document*/

if (!attachOnLoadHandler(function () {
})) {
    window.onload = function () {

(function () {
    oColumn = {
        $width: "630px", //Default width
        $IE: /*@[email protected]*/false, //IE

        init: function () {
            var tableleft = oColumn.$$("ltd", "td")[0].getElementsByTagName("ul")[0];
            var tableright = oColumn.$$("rtd", "td")[0].getElementsByTagName("ul")[0];
            var ctrlpnl = oColumn.$$("commonbox controlpanel", "div")[0];
            if (!oColumn.$IE) {
            } else { //Fixed for IE
            var tabledata = document.getElementsByTagName("td")[0].getElementsByTagName("img"), x = 0;
            while (x < tabledata.length) {
                if (tabledata[x].src === "") {
                    tabledata[x].style.display = "none";
                x += 1;
            var tableparent = oColumn.$$("commonbox", "div"), y = 0;
            while (y < tableparent.length) {
                tableparent[y].style.width = oColumn.$width;
                y += 1;
            try {
                var removeads = oColumn.$$("standalonebox ads", "div")[0];
       = "none";
                var banner = document.getElementById("banneradrow");
       = "none";
            } catch (e) {}

        $$: function (strClass, nodeName, pElem) {
            nodeName = nodeName || "*";
            pElem = pElem || document;
            var objElm = pElem.getElementsByTagName(nodeName);
            if (!objElm.length && nodeName === "*" && pElem.all) {
                objElm = pElem.all;
            var results = [];
            var delim = strClass.indexOf("|") !== -1 ? "|": " ";
            var rClass = strClass.split(delim);
            for (var i = 0, j = objElm.length; i < j; i += 1) {
                var rObjClass = objElm[i].className.split(" ");
                if (delim === " " && rClass.length > rObjClass.length) {
                var c = 0;
                for (var k = 0, l = rObjClass.length; k < l; k += 1) {
                    for (var m = 0, n = rClass.length; m < n; m += 1) {
                        if (rClass[m] === rObjClass[k]) {
                            c += 1;
                        if ((delim === "|" && c === 1) || (delim === " " && c === rClass.length)) {
                            break comparisonloop;
            return results;

Copy all the codes and paste it in your notepad. You can follow this tutorial anyway: Create Friendster Hide CSS File. Just make sure to change it with .js extension not .css extension. Name it with anything and put .js at the back. Eg: Onecolumnfs.js.

Then generate the file with CSS & JS Linker generator. Click here for the generator. To access it, just use this:

Username: TheCradel
Password: Member

Select the Javascript Link generator, not the CSS Link Generator. Just select any from 1 to 10. All of it works. Well, kudos to Angell Deville for making the linker generator. OR, if you don’t want to copy and paste those js code, i have make my own:

Just generate it with the CSS & JS Linker. Then, paste it into your Media Box.

To change the width of the box, find this below codes:

(function () {
    oColumn = {
        $width: "630px", //Default width
        $IE: /*@[email protected]*/false, //IE

Change the red bold color code with any with that you think suitable with your Friendster Layout. You also can combine this trick with Friendster Hide Codes Layout trick. Compile you css and js code using this javascript code:

var script = document.createElement("script");
script.type = "text/javascript";
script.src = "JS_URL_HERE";
var css = document.createElement("link");
css.type = "text/css";
css.rel = "stylesheet";
css.href = "CSS_URL_HERE"; = "screen, print";

Edit the codes below, replace JS_URL_HERE with your JS Direct URL and CSS_URL_HERE with your CSS Direct URL. Open a Notepad. Copy the codes above and save it as newfile.js Upload the “newfile.js” to Get the Direct URL of “newfile.js” (e.g., and GENERATE it with Javascipt Link Generator. cheap flights from the uk to the whole world
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