“Nuffnang Gliterrati” program?

gliterrinuff Nuffnang Gliterrati program?

I was really shock when i log in to my Nuffnang page. I saw this another button on the dashboard which is called “GLITERRATI

ratti Nuffnang Gliterrati program?

This is a speacial program that held by Nuffnang to see their loyal blogger. It is easy to participate this. All you need to do is just putting only Nuffnang ads on your blog. No other advertisements network originates from South East Asia on your blog. They will have their spider to crawl on your blog within this 48hours to check whether there is other adsvertisements script on your BLOG. So need to fast remove other adsvertisements network ads script from your blog such as advertlets, nufflets and grabmyads which is originates from South East Asia.

Terms and Conditions:

* The Loyalty Program is open to exclusive Nuffnang bloggers where exclusive is defined as not having placed on the user’s blog any ad unit from any ad network that originates out of South-East Asia.

* Loyalty Program membership cannot be backdated to allow for benefits to be earned prior to joining the program.

* Any users who are found attempting to manipulate or ‘cheat’ to be included in the Loyalty Program will be banned for an indefinite period of time.

* Nuffnang reserves the right to restrict or ban any users from the Loyalty Program without reason or cause.

* Nuffnang reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions.

What is the benefits of being one of “Nuffnang Gliterratti” ??

termco Nuffnang Gliterrati program?

Cool right?? there is many advantage that you can get from it. So, what’s your waiting for? remove other ads cscript and start to be loyal Nuffnangers to get this benefits.
Wait2, there’s some more you can get:

more Nuffnang Gliterrati program?

See? cool right? you can read more about this in your Nuffnang dashboard or you can simply go clicking [this]


  1. Izzudin

    nuffnang so cruel lah… why can’t use other advertising from SEA? we don’t need cruelty to success… uwaa…

  2. deennasour

    nuffnang lokek~
    lom ada masuk gik dlm akaun aku~

  3. razifmustapha

    entahnyer, kasik je la chance taruk byk2 kt page. rezeki duit pun masyuk banyak

  4. crys

    nuffnang is smart. what more when so many people took down adverlets from their blogs. it’ll save them the trouble of putting the ads back since the glitterati program doesn’t allow it anyways.

  5. syuxx

    ekekeke,.well, org bisnes lah. nak buat macam mana kan?

    kw mesti ada unique visitor yg byk. baruk dpt ads dari nufffnang.
    blog aku pun makin hari makin kurang org jengok. haha

    aku nak try dulu gliterrati program ini. mana tau lumayan.. haha

    ohyeah. i think it is their startegies too. well, advert & nuffnang kan competitor. now, there’s come another competitor which is Nufflets.

  6. Hidup Mati Arsenal

    aku dah dapat dah status Nuffnang Gliterratti Exclusive Member… harap2 pasni melambung lah aku dapat dari nuffnang ni..heheh

  7. syuxx


    aku pun sama. nak jugak tengok ke”best”an gliterreti itu.

  8. khai

    kasila tahu perkembangan korang nanti pasal gliterati nuffnang ni.. kalau korang best, aku pon nak join… skang ni x payah la sebab aku x berani.. hehehe…

    sbb takut bergantung kat satu je, satu lingkop, kita terus gak melingkop.. hehehee….

    ok member… fun!

  9. syuxx

    ohyeah khai. ! nanti aku postkan.
    tp blog ini makin hari makin krg pengujung nya atas sebab kemalsan aku sendiri.
    hahaha. padan muka.

  10. deennasour

    pesal ko makin hari makin malas syuxx!!
    aku makin hari makin rajin dan byk juak masyuk dari adverlets.
    kedekut nuffnang!!

  11. syuxx

    ahaha~ bagus lah mun macam ya.
    ekeke. pat spon klak :P

  12. [...] so am i too. Actually, all i wanna do is to minimize the use of ADS in this blog since i am one of Nuffnang Gliterrati. You only can see google adsense and nuffnang ads only here. This also will boost up the time for [...]

  13. At the second this comment posted, advertlets havent pay me since August 2007. Here is the topic from Webmaster Malaysia Forum.


    Advertlets.Com Sucks!

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