Nuffnang 2nd cheque & some tips

make money nuffnang Nuffnang 2nd cheque & some tips

Glad to say that Make Money Nuffnang does pay ! I have received cheques from them again. Before this, i have withdraw some amount of my money from my Nuffnang account. You can checkout the blog post at my old blog: Make Money Nuffnang. Well, all i have to say is Nuffnang does PAY!

make money nuffnang Nuffnang 2nd cheque & some tips

Well, that’s the proof. Make money with Nuffnang is really easy. All you have to do is place the advertisements code and the money will roll on to your account. No really. That is not the truth. You still need to work hard to earn money from Nuffnang. Well, im glad to share some of the tips to make money with Nuffnang here.

  1. Place Nuffnang ads at the top of your page. Give the ads as the first impression in your blog.
  2. Be a nuffnang gliteratti member. You will earn more benefits from it.
  3. Nuffnang ads work well on blog that focus on local things such as food blog or any malaysia gossip blog.
  4. Make your blog SEO friendly in order to drive more organic traffics to your blog.
  5. Do not hide the ads at the bottom of the page. Put it HIGHER!
  6. Use the right ads placements. But you can always play and do some experiment with the ads placements.
  7. Submit your blog post to Innit. It does give you some little amount of traffics.
  8. Use CPM ads rather that select the CPC based ads.

Well, there’s much more tips to make money with nuffnang. All i can say is, drive first the traffic to your blog then you can make money with Nuffnang.


  1. RajaOtai

    cool…should get one too.. eheh

  2. aeropama dot com

    aku pakai nuffnang dulu. tapi iklan die jarang keluar. lagi2 bln puasa ni. siap ada time die nak keluar. sebelum tengah hari & sblm buka puasa

  3. smaelz83

    “Use CPM ads rather that select the CPC based ads.” Where is CPM ad.. only CPC ad~~~

  4. syuxx

    yeah, everyone should!

    it depends on your blog niche and how much unique visitors you have per day.

    there is. check back your nuffnang dashboard

  5. tivitune

    the problem is, how i can become gliteratti so easily. Huh!

  6. Najmi

    wah, good for you.

    btw syuxx, I can’t seems to get into nuffnang site. why eh?

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  8. TeRaBai

    i don’t think nuffnang has CPM that you can choose yourself. Nuffnang main advertisement methodology is CPC. Whereas CPM will be given via Buffered Earning.

    The only time that they will give you buffered earning is by looking at your blog and the advertisers chooses your blog.

    that is what i understand about nuffnang. But if you still insist that there are CPM that you can choose i hope that you can really give us a tutorial on it

  9. dauz

    hey there syux…
    here …see u can make money online yeah..
    RM 128 its such big bonus for raya time..chewahh

  10. Adry

    waa.. bestnya…. huhu… bila la aku ble dapat check dari nuffnang ni… huhu

  11. zool

    Belum cash out lagi sebab baru je 50… tunggu ujung bulan baru cash out…

  12. Calvin

    Congrats. Is that cheque generated by this site? I’ve no luck with Nuffnang as the advert often doesn’t show anything. I’ve made few hundred in Adsense, Advertlets and direct adverts last month but Nuffnang gave me damn huge sum RM0.25.

    I don’t understand why? Perhaps you can share your tips.

  13. syuxx

    it easy dude. just make sure that you dont put any other ASEAN advertising company ads. If nuffnang spider found other ASEAN ads company code in your blog, your blog wont be a gliterrati.

    OMG! i didnt notice that this function has been replaced. oke, there’s no more option to be choose. hehe

    mine got cutted RM0.50 after the cheque cleared. demit.

    hehe. buat slow slow.

    dont worry dude. usaha lagi.

    No, not with this blog. As i have stated in the post, malaysia related blog.
    Well, my nuffnang earning also slow. Dont depends to much on single blog. Make many of them with different niche. That might be help

  14. We’re not able to choose to have CPC or CPM ads. It’s depending on Nuffnang that what type of ads they want to put in your blog, it depends on advertisers whether they want to place their cpm ads on your blog too.
    Congrats on the nuffnang cheque! =)

  15. Mohd Ismail

    kalau lah advertlets bayar selaju nuffnang… =)

  16. tunepal

    hoho..betul tu mael..

  17. syuxx

    haha. advertlets ni memang ada kontroversi sikit. tak berani sentuh pasal advertlets since tak pernah dapat payment dari diorang lagi. hehe
    lagi laju kalau nuffnang letak payment guna paypal or direct transfer to bank account.

    yeahh :)

  18. ahmike

    Awesome piece brother, I wish can be like you. How long it takes to get to RM50?

  19. syuxx

    rm 50? mine always reached more than rm50 after ive checkout a new cheque.
    it depends on your blog too. more traffics = more $$$

  20. zariel

    haha…aku dh berbulan2 baru brapa sen je…

  21. syuxx

    bro, ko cuba lah tingkatkan lagi jumlah traffic blog.
    200+ unique visitor sehari pun dah okey untuk jana wang dgn nuffnang.


    tahniah syuxx, keep it up..sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit :)

  23. |1f34|-|1r3

    i just cash out my first NN income…hope it will arrive real soon !

  24. aflife

    hehe..just hope i will get the same cheque like that.

  25. appleblogger

    ehm..i guess its not hard. But nothing wrong if we try right?

  26. chuckiesd

    Syuxx…kalau ader adverlets and nuffnag pun tak boleh ker?

  27. syuxx

    kalau advertlets, dia takda masalah letak iklan nuffnang sekali.
    tapi kalau nak dpt status gliterrati, kenalah letak iklan nuffnang saja.

    p/s: gliterrati status ada byk kelebihan.

  28. bantingboy

    hoho..tak sabar nak naik taraf gliterri nih..

  29. syuxx

    you will be upgraded to gliterati if you didn’t put any other ASEAN advertising company ads

  30. syahrul

    Sharing my speedy income in less than 3 days with Nuffnang!

  31. Syahrul Nizam

    Guess how much do I recieved in just three months?

  32. saya

    :) hi salam perkenalan. blog ini best. kunjungi blog saya juga ya

  33. sexy

    how i get nuffnang click easily :

  34. Borhan

    Ni link blog sya yg da nuffang..rasa2 ok x? Ni link dia

  35. h3lLx0x

    nice . testing nuffnag . cool la bende nie hahaha !
    .-= h3lLx0x´s last blog ..Balik Kampung Part 2 =-.

  36. eyriqazz

    Saya pun dah request cash in.Syukur,baru sebulan dua berblog dah dpt cash in RM50+..
    .-= eyriqazz´s last blog ..Main Kutu =-.

  37. sharinginfoz

    Good to hear that, I am a newbie, just started less than 1 months
    .-= sharinginfoz´s last blog ..Perlindungan – Takaful / Insurans =-.

  38. Allan Dale

    How do i get the ads to appear in nuffnang?? anyone… help.. I just started

  39. Allan Dale

    pls send me an email… for updates.. thanks
    .-= Allan Dale´s last blog ..I started my day with a BLOG =-.

  40. CikDarling

    Tahniah dh dpt cek dr rasa sume step kt atas tu sy dh try..but im still x dpt ape2 earning pn dari nuffnang. boleh tgk2kan page sy nape still x dpt earning. adsense pon dh join..x jdk ape pn..huhu..
    .-= CikDarling´s last blog ..Sepandai-Pandai Tupai Melompat… =-.

  41. Namiruz

    sooooooooooo good..that will make u more motivated to continue rite?

  42. Farem_justfriend

    thanx for the info

  43. yuki

    How To become a glitterati member ?

  44. suzzsuzie

    good tips to follow but i still don't understand how it works especially on innit…need to learn more about it….

  45. ren

    heloo blogger…
    any tips here to share here…..???

  46. ren


    heloo blogger…
    any tips to share here…..???

  47. ren

    can anyone show me how to add a number of member blogger…tq

  48. Jelbee

    I recently applied the nuffnang advertising as publisher but i doesn’t show any ads after i added their code.

  49. Anncash

    Hello, I place nuffnang ads in my website that has lots of traffic yet I could not see any earnings, why? For how many days nuffnang updates earning to our profile?

  50. anncash

    I hope Nuffnang will give me more CPM ads, as of now I only have one.

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