Now everyone want to blog!

killblog Now everyone want to blog!

Wasnt it right? I mean everyone want to blog! But certain people seem like they want to manipulating this blogsphere. I’ve read one of this articles from yesterday, where there will be also blog course in university. WTH!? They say that they want to teach people blogging with attitude. Haha. Now that make me ROFLMAO. Of course-lah blogging also need attitude. If not there will be some blog war soon. I’ve been a good followers of Innit and i’ve saw already some of them. But hey, you cant control people.

Goverment also gonna create another so-called “Rakan Cyber”, as one of the branch from Rakan Muda soon. Lol. Rakan Cyber? Will it be something like friendster? forum? myspace? those things also can be consider as rakan cyber. Haha. Well, i quote some here:

[Besides that], said Ismail, a new arm called Rakan Cyber, would be added to the seven others in Rakan Muda soon.

One of the main reasons was to reach out to the new generation through cyberspace – a sphere in which the Barisan Nasional government has admitted it was lagging behind.

“A lot of blogs these days paint a negative picture. That’s why we are coming up with these positive blogs,” he said.

thanks to davidlian for this.

Goverment nowdays started to concern to the blogsphere since the have lost a lot in pilihan raya last time. No wonder lah.
But i dont want this blogsphere to be turn out as their politic medium. We blog for fun & absorbs some knowledge that teachers didnt teach it at school.

Please and please! Dont kill this blogging scene. It seem like blogging soon will turn into something like in the mainstream thing. Where people control you to blog. I always fuck mainstream things. Let’s go independent. Im scare that soon there will be “Undang² Blog Malaysia”. Haha

Happy teacher DAY!

I want to wish happy teacher day to all teachies all over the world. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Happy teachers day to my school teacher & my other things teacher! Happy Teacher day! Tema hari guru 2008: Guru cemerlang, Negara Terbilang! ouh.

p/s: i’ve delete my friendster :(


  1. syuxx

    i blog! i splog!

  2. davidlian

    “But i dont want this blogsphere to be turn out as their politic medium.”

    - Hehe… you and I both.

  3. titan

    Blog aje selagi mampu. Tak mau. Dok diam-diam. Apapun, selamat hari guru termasuk la pada emak aku. Banyak hadiah dia dapat. Aku yang rembat..

    titans last blog post..Pertandingan : Siapa Mahu Ipod Nano Percuma?

  4. syuxx

    neither me too. haha

    ouh ya, mak aku pun cikgu jugak. both of my parents. haha

  5. > Malaysia Bloggers statistic increased”> [...] Jika anda pembaca surat khabar waktu ini, anda akan perasan setiap surat khabar memaparkan ruangan blog seperti “dari blog ke blog” dan banyak lagi yang berkaitan dengan blog. Fenomena ini telah merubah pandangan peribadi akibat mendapat liputan luas media penulisan sebagai alternatif dalam bidang penulisan.


  6. saffa

    Haha.. mmg klakar (blog course in university)! *geleng kepala*

  7. nono

    betol ka? ahahha… weird weird


    oit..apsal delete frenster?

  9. emoboy

    hy, Check out the photos of my new emo hair style

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