My Tumblr log – daily craps

Didn’t you notice it? i have seldomly blogging in this blog. Hahaha. I dont why really. Maybe it is because hard to find some good content to blogged on. Sometime, when i got the good content, it’s fuking hard for me to write about it. what the “F”?

So, i found this things through flisterz blog.

tumbke My Tumblr log   daily craps

Actually, im falling in love with TUMBLR web log. This site provide you a good platform for blogging. A new way to blog actually. It have a clean and cool way for you publish your post.

tum1 My Tumblr log   daily craps

Tumblr also have a fun way for you to tweak your web log. It fun dowh. And if you are familiar with CSS code, you even can customize this much more better.

tum2 My Tumblr log   daily craps

But, all i can say is you only can blogging for fun using tumblr. And a no-no for money making. Why? because i think this blog is not SEO friendly. But if you want to feel how it is blogging for FUN, what you waiting for signup NOW!. Im currently addict to tumblr. Because it is fun to rambling and post whatever you have found in internet such as video, picture, songs or whatever to your Tumblr LOG. Leave blogspot or other cause they SUCK! haha.

So, i’ll be seldomly update this blog. Hahaha. If you wanna see, my latest rambling post or whatever just visit my Tumblr okeyh? But still i’ll post something techies to this blog ^^V.

Visit my Tumblr Log:

tumblrlogoo My Tumblr log   daily craps

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