My PMR result

yah3. this maybe one of the hottest topic for the date of 27 December 2007 for all form 3 students. It is the PMR result time !  Actually, i dont take really serious on this. I woke up late for somthing like 8.30 am. brush my teeth go bath and so on then sit back at my computer. The result was officially announce on 10.00 am in all malaysia school.

PMR result? i dont get it yet. I go to schools at 11 am somthing. Yeah, i know it’s late already. Not expecting something so big. I even dont aim to get straight A’s bcause i know i wont. ekekeke. sort of real.

Arrive to school, then go check the place to get the result slip. OMG! 7A? lmao. but i got B for my science. but im not kinda of people that havoc or tear roll their chicks person. just stay calm be quiet. No one knows my result actually. there’s something like 7 person got straight A’s at my school. Nothing big compare to other school. but at least we got ayt?

Then go talking2 to several of my friends and go back to the car. Then we go to the mall and buy my sling bag. I suppose to buy it yesterday. but due to some sort of laziness i buy it today. hahaha.

well, that’s my boring story about getting 7″A” and single “B” for my PMR. Nothing fun yet suprise. thx god, Alhamdullilah.



  1. afwandaud


  2. syuxx

    thx !! :)

  3. deennasour

    syabas hey,,tum pa se aiyee,,,
    hebat2,,aku tewas 3 A dari ko,,haha,,,ku 4A 4B jak dolok~
    apa2 pun,,syabas,,
    Ewan kenal x? berapa budak itoo dpt,,janji mahu on9 mlm ini,,tapi tidak ada sih,,,

  4. sheilaZeru

    uhuh… congratz!! at least you will have bright future right infront ya.. wad u plan 4 next yr? still study 8 same school?

  5. Lil K

    haha..sama geng kita…7a1b…keep it up until spm..yeah..

  6. megat

    Congratulation! And hope you will have bright future.

  7. Hidup Mati Arsenal

    oklah tu bro. ko p lah apply mane2 boarding school yang offer wat accounting. Mrsm blambak ade. ko skola ape skrg?

  8. elliv

    congrats! 1 b is doesnt matters..

  9. syuxx

    iwan? knl gilak2. tp xtauk bapa nya dpt koz aku akhir sikit ambik result.

    ngaa.~thx. plan? maybe i’ll stay on my current school.

    @lil K
    wahhseh! okok. i’ll try

    tak lah. aku xda plan pun nak masok boding2 skul. ngee~ aku xminat akaunting.

    thx bro !! it’s a matter. lol.
    aku pun x jangka dpt this kinda result. ingt first2 dolok dpt low than 6a.


  10. Aizat

    congrats bro.. semoga berjaya lagi pada masa akan datang.

  11. ariff

    bro cogratz laa dpt 8a.. apepn, it’z amazin’ u didnt sad at all… so strong… m same witu laa 15 years old… i got 8as.. further info in my blog…

  12. han

    ai,aq jist dapat 3A je

  13. HakimThePirate

    congratz syuxx!!

  14. mde

    hi.tahniah..aku lebih 2a je dri ko.. alhamdulillah

  15. syuxx

    thx bro ! really appreciate it !

    there’s no use for me to be sad lah. ekeke.
    sbb aku bkn study-nerd macam mana pun.

    spm boleh try lagi. there’s still chances waiting for u infront there. the most important is to hardwork fer it.

    thx bro ! :D

    wahh! congrats bro!! mesti kau ambil bahasa arab kan? ekeke~

  16. dr.xero


  17. deennasour

    aik? madah kenal glak2,,
    tp sik lah nya pat ngalah ko,,

  18. syuxx

    @dr xero.
    thx bro. haha

    apa ya? hekhek~

  19. HaRiZ

    oho…eset negara…hahaha…ape pon Congratz…jadilah manusia bumi yang berilmu dan berguna supaya dapat memartabatkan agama di mata dunia…aminnn

  20. setayel

    congratz wak!

  21. syuxx

    hahaha. thx2. moga2 kita sama2 jd aset negara. hahaha

    thx2!! nang setayel eyh! :)

  22. [...] yeah! PMR ! actually im not really struggle in this. But at least i got a better grade. Heehehe. 2 more years before sitting on another big exam, [...]

  23. Qubezo

    Congrats mate. Sometimes it makes me to realize the fact that, no matter which school we are belong to, it just doesn’t matter. My school even got 9 people who got straight too ;D Sounds like nothing right? LOL! ;D

  24. syuxx

    yah3, the best ever school wont make u success if you dont werk hard for it.
    ehehe. us just got 6 people liao.


  25. planton~


    aku dpat str8!

  26. syuxx

    congrats lah to you sbb stret a’s.

    hrp next year punya result lagi best.
    spm lg mcabar~

  27. anish biskot

    ahaha..agak tenang eh ko ni.
    aku nanges guling2 ble dpt rsult..keke..
    anyway,congrats! ^-^

  28. syuxx

    lah. stakat pmr.
    so what? bkn dapat buat apa2 pun dgn A’ses
    lain cerita lah kalau spm nanti.
    the real thrill is.~

  29. violet

    harap sy berjaye nanti…..

  30. Addie

    Wait let me guess. The B you’re talking about, is it English? Because there are SOME grammatical errors in your post here. Sorry..
    AND CONGRATULATION! 7 A’s is good enough. Well actually REALLY GOOD! Keep up the good work! I’m just waiting for my PMR result. OMG I’m wayyyyy nervous. Wish me luck! =)

  31. syuxx

    this post was me in the past time.
    i laughing out loud reading this post.
    and yeah, my grammar sucks.

    pmr is nothing oke. SPM is superchallenging

  32. sasikala

    halo,i want to know how to know the results in online ah?

  33. pradeep

    congrute to all the 2008 pmr candicate ….. best of luck guyz…… n i think actually pmr is not hard and easy exam….
    …. for me it’s was between hard and easy…. i just need a word “”"”"” i past my pmr”"”"”"”"…… thank you….

  34. zim50

    Aku takut la pulok…..
    tahun ni aku PMR….
    Ni tgh tgu result ni….
    u all doakan aku la ye…..

  35. ariffin

    aku dpt 6a 1b .tp takpa asalkan lulus

  36. Roshan Nair

    I thought I could get 7A but the faith turned up to be 3A’s .I hope SPM will be better and i want to try working hard on it so that I will not be dissapointed that time.I want to make my mother and father to be proud of me to have this kind of son because I slipped at UPSR AND PMR.If I do well in my SPM only my father and mother would be happy not others like aunties,uncles,cousins and nephews.

  37. Shukri

    congrats .
    I only got 6A for pmr 2010 .
    sad .
    anyway , Alhamdulillah .

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