My first cheque from Nuffnang ! yay

first cheque from nuffnanf My first cheque from Nuffnang ! yay

Hey, did you got your cheque my fellow nuffnangers? I’ve got mine already. I receive this cheque last Thursday, but didnt really have time to blogged about it. SO here it is. My first cheque from Nuffnang. Lmao.

It just a small sum of money that i got from Nuffnang. I started to use their service since 31st October last year. Yeah, it’s hard to get a such value of money from them since i’ve been through a lot of trial and error with Nuffnang. Now i know which work the best. Hey, i was requested this cheque 09 April and just get this check this month. Wtf? It has been send after 3months? I’ve requested a ticket to the supporting team at they reply me:

Hi Syukri,

There seems to be a little misinformation on the Glitterati payout time. Do note that it takes 30 days for us to pay our Glitterati bloggers. But due to our company’s protocol, we only compile our cheques at the end of the month. After that, the cheques will be sent to the banks for processing. The processing and delivery to your mailbox will take approximately another 3 weeks maximum. That being said, it would be wise to cash out near the end of the month as it will save you the waiting time till the end of the month. The additional time taken was on the bank’s side and Nuffnang does pay 30 days upon cash out request at the end of each month.

Expect your cheque to arrive at your mailbox latest by the 3rd week of June. If it has not arrived by then, please do write in to us and we’ll track on it and reissue another one if it’s lost.

So, to get your cheque faster and accurate to your Gliterrati status, cash it out on the last week of the month or send a lot of request ticket to the support team. No really :p

my nuffnang cheque My first cheque from Nuffnang ! yay

Just after getting this payment from Nuffnang, i’ve doubled the money value that i have in the Nuffnang account. Wuhuu. Now much more faster i got RM 99++ left in the account. But i wont cashit out first. Wait until i can be like 5xmom that earn 10k from her Nufffnang. Haha.

left rm99 ringgit in nuffna My first cheque from Nuffnang ! yay

Wuhuu, now what you you waiting for? Even a 15 years boy can get a cheque from them. You could have this cheque too. The key is work harder. If school activities and all that doesnt make me damn busy, i know i can make more like others too. Huhu.

Carving for any tips? All i can say is drive a lot of traffic to your blog. Do whatever you can to drive traffic to your blog. No matter white hat, gray hat or even black hat. The darker the better. No really. Haha. And another thing to make you success with Nuffnang is to apply membership as Nuffnang Gliterrati. Hey, my late post about hiding Nuffnang Ads Footer also worked well. *evileyes*

Laporan Percuma Buat Duit dengan Nuffnang

coverkecilnuffnang My first cheque from Nuffnang ! yay

Hey, I also advised you to read this e-book by Noorizam Shah. He has released an e-book which is “Laporan Percuma Buat Duit dengan Nuffnang“.¬† I would really advising you to read this e-book espcially for the newbie. In this e-book, it will show you how to intergrate with Nuffnang in a better way. Just sign up for the mailing list to get the download link. Even MajalahIM from Flarebiz team also highly recommend you to read this e-book. So, what you waiting for? Grab it now. Faster dude. You dont want this oppurtunity to fall in other people hand right? Minyak dah naik woi. Haha

So, happy money making in this virtual world!

button nangit My first cheque from Nuffnang ! yay I wont lie rite? Spread the word !! Nang this post !


  1. syuxx

    you love it? let have it. Thank you. wtf

  2. harogenki

    nice….. keep on earning

    harogenkis last blog post..Code Geass R2 Episode 11

  3. syuxx

    owh. thanks dude!

  4. orang cina

    hi, congrat$$$$$$$

    orang cinas last blog post..How Chinese Speaks English

  5. NoktahHitam

    KOPI O satu!

  6. syuxx

    @org cina
    awww, thx dude.
    lets happy money making.

    haha. starbuck or what?

  7. Noorizam Shah

    good review beb!

  8. mahsyar90

    aku nye advertlet nak dpt seringgit pun susah..haha
    need to learn more..

    mahsyar90s last blog post..Sedikit Pesanan Dari Ustad Mahsyar

  9. nono

    apa lagik beli la domain and pakey paid hosting…hahaha
    i am in miri YO! ;P

  10. Mohd Ismail

    sirap ngan krepap satu.. aku pernah klik iklan ko.. he he =)

    tahniah atas cek tu.. berusaha lg tuk lebih banyak cek

  11. Dakjaat

    hmmm .. actually nuffnang ni camne ek? … cam takde pape jer … everyday still RM0.00… huehehehe! ajar la saye ..

    Dakjaats last blog post..Lagi² Hal Rumahtangga (Housemate)

  12. titan

    Nice. cek kedua aku akan sampai tak lama lagi. Hope cek ketiga akan menyusul lepas ini.

  13. syuxx

    kalau nak tahu lagi lebih lanjut psl nuffng ni, aku sarankan baca e-book dr noorizamshah:

    basicly, traffic yg byk adalah salah satu key kejayaan utk nuffnang. haha

    yeah, aku belum summit lagi cek kedua. tunggu lah dia byk sikit. baru best nak cashout.
    haha. gud luck bro!

  14. KNizam

    aku pun tengah tunggu 1st cheque. hehe:)

  15. syuxx

    wow! congrats bro.
    haha. teruskan for the next cheque!

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  17. ctpye76

    Congrats !!.. Syiokkknyaaa…

    ctpye76s last blog post..Count down !!

  18. Nan L

    Why my nuffnang not working huh??

    Nan Ls last blog post..Request from BrokenHeart

  19. tini

    congratulation. Mesti best dapat cek lagi lepas ni kan?

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  21. irish

    Is it ok that i have Adsense and nuffnang at the same time?

  22. syuxx

    @irish, yup. you can.
    only ads from the South East Asia network are not allowed.
    such as advertlets and other local ads company that work like nuffnang does :)

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