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Just stumble upon this blog today. Well, it is a cool website to be visited. A huge collection of various type of arts gathered there. From monsters to stencil and even about photography. If you are looking for a cute monsters there’s a lot in it. Haha. Mainly, this blog is about Stencil, Vector,Photo-manipulation, Graphic editing & Conceptual stuff. Just visit → MostersCUBE


  1. flisterz

    Hah! He’s my roommate :)
    Syuxx, bile nak buat theme sendiri ni? heh

  2. amer

    waa thx alot dude. ade org review blog aku ;) terharu

  3. syuxx

    haha. aku dapat tahu pun dari blog kreativuse.
    Theme? belum ada inspirations. godek2 theme orang only. haha

    your welcome dude. keep up the good job! ^^

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