Meet Uncle Hussain

MUH Meet Uncle Hussain

Meet Uncle Hussain is a 4 piece Malay rock band with a refreshingly unique emotional edge. Roaring through the indie band scene in Kuala Lumpur over the past 3 years, MUH’s talent was recognized and hailed as the Best DIY Band of 2005 by ROTTW magazine.

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*one of MUH video that featuring on Kami the Series.

Influenced by the likes of U2, Led Zeppelin, Killers, Doves, Bloc Party and the late Sudirman and Tan Sri P. Ramlee, MUH’s brand of melodic Malay rock heralds a new chapter in the history of the ever evolving local rock scene.

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Produced and arranged by composer producer Tassiq Saidi Hashim of AU District, and jointly composed by Tassiq, Taja (lead guitarist) and Lan (the inspirational lead vocalist), the distinctive, yearning vocals and heavily driven guitar arrangements in the bands’ debut album ‘Lapan Tahun’ combine to make MUH one of the brightest prospects of the local rock band scene in Malaysia today.

Now signed to progressive indie label Satu Music Entertainment, and with the additional talents of Afat on bass and Kudux on drums, MUH’s debut album is poised to thrill rock fans nationwide with anthems on everyday issues like work (‘Kerja’), affairs of the heart (‘Pari-Pari’ and ‘Hilang’) superficiality (‘Pura-Pura’) and even US intervention in the Middle-East (Hulu Malang).

Now here’s the best part, im giving you their full album mp3’s. But please, this is for review purpose only. Please delete it after 3 days, and go to the stores and buy the ORIGINAL one. Download at your own risk. Please support our Local Industry Scene. If not you to support them, who else right? Make sure you comment about their songs too okeyh!

download button Meet Uncle Hussain

*the password is: syuxx ( i make this so there’s no one will stole my download link!)

Album songs list:
1. Lagu Untukmu
2. La la la Kerjalah
3. Pura-pura
4. Halusinasi
5. Hanya Khayal
6. Mahkota
7. Pari-pari Bawah Angin

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  1. aman

    thanks for da song…

  2. syuxx

    ur welcome aman !

  3. luvlyayna

    tq 4 sharing

  4. 9lives

    Refreshing new sound in contrast with the commersialised music. Though there’s some influences from the old school rocks it is still very refreshing to hear the fusion. Good work.

  5. loslonlyb0i

    i just love all the songs…

    lagu untukmu~~just a beautiful song
    la la la kerjalah~~quite catchy song..
    halusinasi~~great music arrangement..
    hanya khayal~~my friend thought that it is an indon band.. i told him it was MUH!!
    mahkota~~quite jiwang laa..
    pari-pari bawah angin~~~remind me about someone,,huhuhu

    MUH rox!!!

  6. izz70

    How to download?
    I oledi register but get this message:

    Sorry, this file is unavailable in your region.
    This file is not available to free users in China and Southeast Asia. To download it, you must sign up for a DivShare account. For more information, read our blog post on the policy.


  7. Andy

    If you want MUH New EP.

    7 tahun 3 bulan 90 hari. U can check at ebay malaysia selling at RM20. If u dont have an ebay account so Go to selling same price or go to show.

    Guys Please buy original cd! Please Support our Local Band !

  8. Naddie

    Any other place other than eBay where I can get the album? Local stores? (e.g. Speedy, Tower Records or something?) I’ve been looking for it for a while – already have the mp3s but I’m looking to buy myself a more solid copy :P This band rocks.

  9. Naddie

    (PS Sorry if I double-posted, bnyk betul masalah WordPress ni haih.)

  10. Ez One

    haha..i really luv MUH..all of the songs are great..for me..the best is Lagu Untukmu and La La La Kerjalah..

  11. Syakir

    How to purchase ur cd in singapore

  12. maira

    the best song from MUH is definitely ‘ milk in the bottle’.
    You guys should listen to it as well.

  13. shaf_smkpa

    go meet uncle hussain go lan taja afat bakri go………

  14. p!nky guRlz

    huhu..i lurve MUH…
    hehehe..errmmm kim saLam ma LAN ar….

  15. euroluxury

    thanks for tips.. i have been thinking to migrate mine to a new place :)

  16. yanz

    hi, where can i buy their CD?

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