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Reality TV in Malaysia has now gone online! Introducing Malaysian Dreamgirl – the first reality model search in Malaysia to be fully broadcast over the internet. Follow the lives of 12 girls(OMG!!) as they live together, compete in exciting challenges, express their beauty and try win you over to be the first Malaysian Dreamgirl.

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Beginning March 2008, watch these girls strut their stuff in a competition that will change one of their lives forever. Catch 2 episodes every week from this their own official website at and vote for your favourite model. It is all heading your way soon.

The host for this program is Sazzy Falak. Well, one of really known HOT model in malaysia too right? Sazzy was choosen to be the host because she has the attitude. She definitely has the looks. Now watch her guide 12 aspiring models through one of the most challenging experiences in their lives. Can she handle them? Will claws come out or will Sazzy take everything in her stride? What out for that SOON!!.

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One of the things that atrract me too is, KENNY SIA will be one of the judgest too. Everybody know too that he is one of the famous celebirity blogger among blogge in malaysia. His blog is really cool espcially those humour jokes in each of the post. And yes he is farking popular. The another judges are Lim Jimmy(fashion stylist) and Elaine Daly(famous model).

And Nuffnang also one of their media partner since this program will be braodcasting online. I hope this program attract me to watch it soon. Just wait for that. For more information, just visit their main website okeyh(their is one on the top banner~)?


  1. edi

    i love hot chicks.
    but this show macam tiru ANTM(american next top model)

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    malaysia fashion…

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