Make your picture load faster

Hey, ever wondering why some picture load really slow on some web?? This is because the picture file is too big and in a very maximum quality photos. So, in this tutorial i’ll show you how to using photoshop “save for web” function. This is useful to make sure u have a good quality photo with fast loading time.

For example, i have put two photos below. It is the same picture, the same height & width.

Picture 1:

high Make your picture load faster

Picture 2:

max Make your picture load faster

Now, which photo load faster? Of course the first one. This is because the size of file is smaller tha the second one. If you are using fiferox browser, u can right click on the picture and click propeties to view the size of the photo.

To get the optimum size of photo, you need to use “save for web” option in photoshop. If you still dont have photoshop, you can download it in my previous post.

1. first, open the picture that u want to upload. Then, go to file and click “save for web”.

save4web Make your picture load faster

2. After that, as you can see on the picture below, there is three option that you can use. Whether option number 1,2 or 3.

saveopt Make your picture load faster

3. The key here is to see how much time did the picture takes to load on web. You can always refer to the left bottom side of the picture as below.

tyminng Make your picture load faster

But, make sure that you dont set it to lower. Because it will affect the quality of your photo. But if you dont mind or just to have picture to make sure it didnt suffer the dial-up user, then u can use it.


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