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Lol. I was so bored today. I just fill up my day by reading the scam e-books of AdsenseTaiko at NoktahHitam blog today. Yes, that e-book is totally scam! haha. I also get jealous with our wordpress princess current theme. Take a look at her blog: tee-hee.

Here’s the Hack! tee-hee

Okey, cut the crap. Actually, today I want to share with you this technique that I was discovered while playing with CSS codes today.

Yay! I manage to hide the Nuffnang Ads Footer. I mean that grey footer that appears in each ads that served in our blog. ROFL. This tutorial is really inspired by my Friendster Hide Code Tutorial. Actually, I want to hide some part on that MyBlogLog widget. Then, why not Im trying to hide that Ads footer right? tee-hee. Proceed below for the tutorial:

First, I assume that you are familiar with the basic of CSS oke. This tutorial doesnt involved you to tweak any HTML. && I use WordPress for this tutorial. I dont know whether it work on blogspot or not. Im not familiar with blogspot. Hehe. Now, open your wordpress dashboard and click on presentation then to theme editor menu. Read this tutorial on”How to edit your theme from dashboard” first.

dashbod Make Nuffnang ads footer invisible
ya, ya, ya. Im still not yet updating my wordpress :(

Then, go to your current theme style.css aka stylesheet file. Just go to the bottom, and paste this code:

/* Nuffnang footer hide bebeh ==================*/
table#nnadsfoot {
display: none;

Then click save! Go to your blog and there you have it! The small ads footer is INVISIBLE!! Yay! ROFL.

beforearfe Make Nuffnang ads footer invisible

I dont know whether this technique is against the TOS. Because i only know that we cant change the code that we have copy and paste from Nuffnang right? Since i didnt touch any single code from it, i think it is fine for me to hide it lorr. If not, then you Nuffnang people should update your ads script code lah! Simple right? tee-hee. I know you have powerful developer there. Hehe. Do something like adsense. Because i cant hide their Ads footer. Lmao. Or is it because im Noob? What ever.~

button nangit Make Nuffnang ads footer invisible Nang this post!

Dare to be RARE!!

mir02 Make Nuffnang ads footer invisible

p/s: Noted that this tutorial doesnt work anymore. Haha. I dont know why. Maybe Nuffnang already make something about it. ROFL. That’s really fast. Thumbs up to you NN. Nuffnang ROCK!! ^^

ROFL. I found this another hack code for it:

/* Nuffnang footer hide bebeh ==================*/
table#nnadsfoot {

or you can use the one from NoktahHitam.
patch this now Nuffnang!

or try this another tips (really work until whenever it is) from Flisterz !



    huhu..aku tak sure la pulak..tapi rasa mcm against la..sebab menda tu utk beritau yg sape served ads kalau kau buang kira kau dah kurangkan publisiti mereka disitu..kalau aku jadi staff nuffnang..kira kau langgar tos tu..haha

  2. syuxx

    Aku pun taktau.
    Let see what Nuffnang staff will do.
    The most important thing that i post this thing is, to make the nuffnang improve their codes.


  3. mmuurrllyy

    can u do it to adsense??
    if u can….u will be great…

  4. YM

    well, it will hav to be banned somehow. Cos it is against the reason why it is put there. The easiest is to change the rules, but I think it’ll also cut down the chance of getting CPM ads.Do you know that there’s usually a period usually on weekends where u hav no ads? thats usually when advertisers choose the ads spots from looking at the nuffnang footer gua. If thats really the case, they will miss that spot where nuffnang footer is missing. haha..

  5. Fird

    TOS aside, imagine if there is a company who have interest in advertising in your blog, but they couldn’t figure out who is the provider of the advertisement . That might cost your blog to lose some advertising revenue possibility, right?

  6. syuxx

    lol. im just a kiddies. i dont think i can do it with adsense. It possible, but we need to touch the given code first. cant really tweak it using css only.

    oh, yeah i think the same too. it will make advertiser hard to see the ads area. I’ll use this temporary only. hehe

    Yeah, but still i can make the nuffnang ads spot like my header. take a look on it. but i will change it to normal soon. hehe

    Just one thing i want to say here. Nuffnang should updated their code lorr. make it more security, and YES, more faster to be load.

  7. NoktahHitam

    great stuff but i think its against the TOS

  8. NoktahHitam

    against TOS but I think Ill use it! Hehehe

    Thanks ;)

  9. joshuaongys

    nice information given here but well.. lets wait a few days and see Nuffnang got anything to say bout it =)

  10. Aisyah

    LOL. I think it’s funny that I get that wordpress princess title. (eventhough you are the only one who calls me that). Actually, it makes me feel sexy. aaauw! haha.

  11. syuxx

    lol. this tweak doesnt work anymore. haha~
    gud job nuffnang. lmao ^^

    princess is always sexy. hehe

  12. NoktahHitam

    yeah not working anymore. I think its because someone posted on innit. anyway, will let you know if I managed to scrap the footer off. hehe

  13. StuckS

    lol they patch it in one day only..
    btw,is this a sexy princess.. Sexy Princess

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  15. NoktahHitam

    I did it, go here

  16. syuxx

    hahaha. i did another version of it too.
    hehe. Nuffnang! patch this now!!

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  18. starwalker

    nice bro.. but have u tried email nuffnang about it? im afraid to do it and lost all money :((

  19. HaRiZ

    hahaha…tak baik beb…kesian company tu punye nama kene hidden…

  20. saffa

    huhu… apsal lar blumba2 nak hack code tu.. biar je lar! huhu..

    p/s: saya pemalas! haha..

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