Make Money with CIAO!, paid to review

make money online ciao Make Money with CIAO!, paid to review

Sorry for didn’t updated this blog for such a long time. I have been through a lot of things in the real world right now. That is why I rarely online right now. Oke, back to the topic title above. I just discovered this great website where you can earn money by just making a review or in short, Paid To Review (PTR). It called CIAO! It is a really good make money online program which everyone can join it and easily make money with it.

CIAO is not a scam make money online program since I just got paid by them recently. I just join it for less them a month. Thanks to my Indonesian friends for introducing this program to me. Well, before I start talking about this lets take a look on the payment that sent by them via my paypal:

ciao scam Make Money with CIAO!, paid to review

Even though it just $6.35, but I get that amount from them in just one day. CIAO is a product review website that powered by Microsoft. So, they have no problem to pay you.

How you can get money by this program? Easy. CIAO is a product review community website. They have a lot of products for you to review from handphone, computers, laptops and much more. You also can build your own network through CIAO.

Well, I am going to write a report about this program soon. Currently I have $22.47 in my account after active back in that site for 2 days. Wow, even that awesome? You can earn up $5-$10 per day by just being active in CIAO. But of course you need some technique to earn that much of money.

make moeny ciao Make Money with CIAO!, paid to review

Here is some CIAO report that I am going to write. But it is in malay language since I am targeting on local market right now.

rahsia ciao Make Money with CIAO!, paid to review

Enough said, lets start make money online with CIAO. Click on the banner above to start registering yourself.

 Make Money with CIAO!, paid to review

 Make Money with CIAO!, paid to review

 Make Money with CIAO!, paid to review

 Make Money with CIAO!, paid to review


  1. appleblogger

    thats good syuxx. I’m going to try it soon.

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  3. jenggot

    i couldnt accass my account! when i lonin to ciao site, it eppears “bad request, the browser a requestthat server couldnt understant” whats going on to my acccount! please help me

  4. two.three

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    tnx ^^

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  6. will

    nice post, i’ll give ciao a try :)

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