Let’s Learn how to Animate !!

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Track: Silly Lilly
Ep: Lesson Of The Season

Had you ever look at a cool animation on certain website or deviantart website? Ever wish to make one just like it? But doesnt know how to make it? Here’s a solution for you.

easytutezodeen Lets Learn how to Animate !!

My dear blogger friends, e-zoodeen has released his first new e-book on “Easy Animation Tutorial using Adobe Imageready” or in the Bahasa Melayu, “Tutorial Animasi Ringkas menggunakan Adobe Imageready “.

I’ve read this 8 pages e-book tutorial, and it is kinda cool & easy to catch up the content. Hey, it is not easy to write an e-book oke! So, thumb up to e-zodeen for this e-book. Even me also cannot release my own e-book because i donno how. rofl it is something hard to do.

Well, this e-book is written in Bahasa Melayu. So, im not sure whether others can understand our mother tongue language or not. This ebook just cover the basic step of animation using Adobe Imageready sofware. You can get this software along with Adobe Photoshop Cs2. I dont know about cs3. Maybe yes too.

Well, this ebook only show the basic stuff on it. The most importantly is for you to explore & experiment more on it. Actually, Adobe Photoshop itself is built in with animation in it. Just explore it by yourself. This e-book is worth to read. So, give a try. Download it here.

“practice is the best teacher; and experimentation is the finest technique”

mir02 Lets Learn how to Animate !!


  1. syuxx

    go get download NOW!! haha

  2. Izzudin

    actually kan… it’s not my first e-book ler… (ya… it looks like my first time creating it)… i made another e-book way before i started blog o’ e-zoodeen… noe wut? file e-book tuh sudays hilanxx… nyiahahhahaah….

  3. kambing

    deng! photoshop CS3 doesn’t come with imageready. take note. but it can make animations, except cannot open animated .gif files.

  4. syuxx

    haha. Sorri. Aku tak tahu pun dah ada lagi ebook yg sebelum2 ni. Hehe. takpa2.

    Hoho. I dont use cs3. I onli use cs2. No wonder i donno about that. Haha.
    But i am rarely use imageready for animation since i can do it with photoshop itself. But i heart imageready for that image mapping technique

    DENG! i want to make my own E-book too! haha

  5. deennasour

    great job izz!!!
    dasyat le dak sekolah tu..ngeh ngeh ngeh

  6. KNizam

    i really like the comment layout. cool n kalerful. hehe :)

  7. Aisyah

    oh lagu ni… baru dgr semalam. hehe. cute song. ^^

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