Let Shorter the long URL!

crunch the long url Let Shorter the long URL!
Are you a fan of tinyurl.com? But getting bored of it or still the link is very long. Here is some alternative for you to crunch the long URL hyperlink into something simpler. Now, there’s no more reason for you to insert a very damn long URL. Eat this & enjoy it:

1. ShortURL

short url Let Shorter the long URL!
ShortURL is something similar to TinyURL.com. It works the same way as tinyurl too. But why dont give a try for something differ. Right? ^^

2. Is.gd

is gd dot com Let Shorter the long URL!
Is.gd is my current favourite to crunch the long URL to something shorter. Hey, it is much more shorter. It’s GOOD!

3. SnipURL.com

snip url Let Shorter the long URL!
SnipURL.com offer something different from both above. The best thing about snipurl is that you can enter your own unique id. Instead of snipurl.com/78eg4d why dont turn it into snipurl.com/youridhere. COol right?

4. 0rz.com

orz dot com Let Shorter the long URL!
0rz.com is just similar like ShortURl, TinyURL & Is.gd. But this one also available in simplified chinesee too.

5. afewurls.com

a few url better than Let Shorter the long URL!
AFewURL.com also another thing that is different from the above. Using this, you can compile together a few url in it and turn it into one long link. For example, AFewURL will make a long long URL like ;- mywebsite.com,yourwebsite.com,myfriendweb.com,mygilrfren.com. To crunch back the long link, use those tinyurl, is.gd & shortURL. Then, turn it into shorter like tinyurl.com/45yhtf

6. WideURL

w i d e url Let Shorter the long URL!
WideURL is something that is really, really differ from those above. Instead of making your URL shorter, it’s make your URL much more longer and wider. If you have something like myblog.com/feed, it turn the permalink into http://wideurl.com/em-why-bee-ell-oh-gee-dot-see-oh-em-slash-
eff-double-ee-dee. Got it? haha. Wider and longer. Use this to prank your friend. lmao.

7. doiop.com

doiop dot com Let Shorter the long URL!
Doiop.com work like snipurl too. You can insert your preferable keyword into it and CRUNCH! the longer URL.

8. Metamark.net

metamark dot com shorte url Let Shorter the long URL!
Metamark is also another cool URL cruncher! Metamark has a cool function which you can also twist the URL with your own keyword/nickname and insert a secret id in it too. Give it a try. It turn the link into something like: http://xrl.us/b7e4k


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