Lazy to update & HUJAN !

Aiyarkk !! What happen to me? ekekkeeke. Im a bit lazy already to update my blog. I dont know why. Sort of buzy to manage my life in this two oo oo eight. Schools already start 2weeks ago. As becoming form 4 student, buzy life start again. Althought im not sitting for big examination like last year, but still it is BUZY TO BEING A STUDENT. And also, it seems like i dont have any time to update this blog with latest article. Im too tired to do some research to post up somthing. :( . Damn, form four student also got “kelas tambahan”. And the worst is, “3 times a week” and be back at 3pm? Dowhh. IM TIRED !! hustling for study? *ehem*² no IDEA !!!

Ohyeah, im still online-ing. but just to do some mail check, reply my frengster and maisepes comment and so on. Lalalala~

hujakain Lazy to update & HUJAN !

Actually, i am fuking addictive to this band called HUJAN !! ohyeah! Check2Rock2 ep was really damn damn HOT !! I found this playlist at imeem. So, listen it for a preview. If u wanna buy the original, visit their myspace at

YAHUNTA1 Lazy to update & HUJAN !YAHUNTA21 Lazy to update & HUJAN !

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="450" height="300" wmode="transparent" /]

*wait for a moment. Imeem is kinda slow okeyh. be patient okeyh !*

promo Lazy to update & HUJAN !

Please people !! dont do torrenting for this EP. I know there’s alot of it already on the net. Support our own cool indie band. Dont do download the mp3′s from the net. Because what? you wouldnt feel the same quality as in the EP. Even in imeem it sound different because imeem has downgrade the sound quality for quick streamying. I bet the low quality sound also from those torrenting ep. Pleaseee buy the original.~

Get the lyric [HERE]
For upcoming show, just visit their myspace at Oh, dont forget also to join hujan forum at HUJAN.ORG. If u wannabe the true RAINgers

blank Lazy to update & HUJAN !hujan1 Lazy to update & HUJAN !



  1. syuxx

    GO GO GO GO!!
    ngecheck2ngerock2 !!

  2. deennasour

    best alu2 kah syuxx?
    kamon syuxx…pa malas2 tok,,
    tok boring tok!!

  3. HaRiZ

    hujan ni satu je slet die…rentak lagu2 die same je semua…hahaha…dah la aku memang kureng nak layan indie ni…sebab code2 die simple sangat…aku rase ade la gune 4 5 bijik code je…

  4. syuxx

    aku sibuk bah. yalah jarang sikit blogging.
    ayyya~ ini semua pasal addmath ya lah.
    adohh3. fening².

    ekekke. betul tu.
    tapi apa² pun, aku tetap sokong hujan.
    belum ada lagi band mainstream sehebat hujan!
    beli ep original okeyh!

  5. Qubezo

    One thing I like about this band is not because of their song’s sake.. but it’s because of their album cover! Haha! Looks nice. The logo especially ;D I never heard of this band. New band from Malaysia eh? I’m super lazy to Google. ;D

  6. deennasour

    wah syuxx!!
    ok2,,just focus on your study,,
    intenet no.2..,,
    add math not easy like a,b,c..
    so good luck la~
    always behind you~deennasour

  7. syuxx

    hahaha. they have a bunch of cool graphic designers lah,.
    those rantai art people is their clicks aka RAINgers.
    so, it wont take much to design a damn ass cool cover.
    hahaha. yurp, it is anew band.
    visit their myspace for more info.

    oak eyh. mena ya.
    fokus ngan study lok.
    haha. tenkiuk²

  8. Izzudin

    huhu… ludah amerika is such a hilarious songg… nguahahaa…. lawax lawax :lol:

  9. Qubezo

    Your blog is kindda popular I guess. Add me up. [email protected]
    I wanna ask you something about WP though. ;D

  10. syuxx

    hahaha. ohyeah! fuk amerika !! bush jahanam!
    it is more hilarious if you come to hujan gig when they sing out this songs!

    no lah. not really popular. just some SEO trick.
    ahaha. added.

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  12. trah

    dulu aku minat tp pas dye x terime permintaan kami tok bt persmbahan 4 FESKOM 08… aku dah rase yg hujan demand gile… tau la dah naik skang jgan la nak berlgak sngt… i know de just diminta tok bt persembahan dikalangan student je.. but u all should know yg STUDENT2 UiTM LENDU memag tergile2 kan hujan… tp pas dye bt mcm ni terus kitorang black lise band indie ni… BERLAGAK LA WEI…

  13. DEDENG...


  14. loque

    ellow brother,,,
    hujan dah kuar album…
    sile la bile…
    25.90 hengget je

    loques last blog post..seenak Roti…

  15. EDWORXT-

    need layouts nie..camne??

  16. kmk indie

    lagu salam aidilfitri ayah dan bonda N mencari konklusi bes!! love indie!!

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