KAMI the Movie Album OST Vol II

kami the movie album ost KAMI the Movie Album OST Vol II
KAMI the series has end. Now KAMI the Movie is coming this October. Well, if you want to know more and take a sneek peek on KAMI the Movie trailer, take a look at my late post: KAMI the MOVIE !. KAMI also a series that has introduces to Malaysians about Malaysia Local Talent especially from the Independent Scene. You can how the kids enjoy gig, music and DIY stuff. KAMI the movie wont complete without KAMI the movie OST. Just like the series where they have KAMI the Series OST. What is KAMI without it’s OST?

Well, KAMI the Movie OST now featuring a lot more Malaysia Independent Band. Before this, on KAMI the Series OST, we have Meet Uncle Hussain, One Buck Short, BitterSweet, Nitrus, Pop Shuvit, OAG, Couple, Gerhana Ska Cinta, The Times, Estranged and Love Me Butch. Yeah, all the tracks from KAMI the series was really hot backdays ago.

But wait, KAMI the Movie OST has more tracks for you. Apart from the old bands from those above list, there is also much more fresh Malaysia Local talent been featured to KAMI the Movie Album. New band such as Laila’s Lounge, Harmacy, Dragon red, Meor, TwickHeads, Telebury, Sharidir, Koffin Kanser, The Aggrobeats, They Will Kill Us and of, Malaysia number one Grunge band, Butterfingers.

Kami the Movie OST is much more better from previous one. You cant stop the music playing. And you might be as well repeating all those track for many many time. KAMI also held a gig to their fans sponsored by Hotlink. You can checkout the gig list at their official website. Who know the will be at your place right?

flyerFA KAMI the Movie Album OST Vol II

Hehe. Like the last time, i’ll give you a preview on this KAMI the Movie OST album. And ofcourse, this is just for own use and you need to delete it after two days. Well, typical disclaimer. Just like what Khai say, if you didn’t delete it, then you are into liabilities rejection. Well it’s up to you. I wont take any responsible after you have downloaded this file.

Well, here it goes the track list on KAMI the MOVIE Album OST:

01 Meet Uncle Hussain – pari pari di bawah angin.MP3
02 Laila’s Lounge – mawar khayalan.MP3
03 Harmacy – riuh.MP3
04 Dragon Red – k.a.m.i (kerana aku masih ingat).MP3
05 Couple – hey now!.MP3
06 Meor – hari hari autistik.MP3
07 Twickheads – guris.MP3
08 Telebury – stars belong to us.MP3
09 Love Me Butch – this is our year.MP3
10 Sharidir – kamu.MP3
11 Bittersweet – going into the big black hole.MP3
12 Koffin kanser – berong.MP3
13 The Aggrobeats – we got soul.MP3
14 They Will Kill Us All – secret episodes.MP3
15 Butterfingers – 1000 tahun (kami mahu hidup).MP3

Dowload this file here: KAMI THE MOVIE ALBUM OST

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uploads 3 KAMI the Movie Album OST Vol II

Buy original to support your local scene. Remember, this is just for a review purpose only. Thanks.


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  12. Pak PIe

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  13. noel

    keep up the gewd work..show to all malaysian that indie local bands are worth of watching and listening..huhu

  14. kontolan

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  16. syuxx

    @yon, dapatlah. tunggu kejap dia lagi load waiting time tu.

  17. badboystim

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  19. badboystim

    bli la support skit,dr korang bli kristak,new boyz n band yg nyanyi cm nk nangis baek support indieband

  20. dya

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    sorry bro

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  35. jinsaga

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  36. Lee_cooper

    aku nk tahu lagu ape time diorang g gigs yg pertama..
    time adii jumpa mamat internet kt gigs…
    ley g tau aku x??

  37. Ridhuan

    Volume 1 mane bear..? Aku nak lagu pakcik husin time ending citer tu ngan lagu hujan time tgh citer tu.. tau tak? best kan? kan? tapi aku tatau tajuk pe.. tak ingat da.. citer tu pun da delete dah..

  38. ieka

    saye suke arr cite kami ne……………

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  40. syakeel

    ni band yg terbaek….!!
    i like all of KAMI the MOVIE OST ……
    from syakeel…..

  41. ipin

    lagu yg ali perform dalam citer kami tu adalah lagu dari band mereka sendiri iaitu Twickheads

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  43. Lalalala

    Lagu yang kat episode 8 part 4 tu ape . kat bhgn 3:02

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