Insert Youtube video to Friendster blog

insert youtube video to fri Insert Youtube video to Friendster blog

I have found out that Friendster Blog doesnt allowed their user to embed a video or any javascript file to their Blog Content Manangment System. But hey, cheat to win. Several Friendster Blog user has found out a simple hack on Friendster Blog to embed Youtube Video or any video website. It is just so simple and i think this may also can be applied in other blog CMS. Perhaps so. I dont think that Friendster will patch this hole.

Well, here how it work. First, go to Youtube and get the embed code for your Youtube Video. Just copy the copy at the embed code boxes and we are ready to paste the code to your Friendster blog.

copy the youtube code Insert Youtube video to Friendster blog

Then, go to your Friendster blog homepage. If you still didnt create your friendster blog, i suggest you to read this tutorial on “How to make a Friendster Blog” first. Where is your Friendster blog Homepage? At home, click at the dropdown menu and select update blog. Then, create a new post.

To insert youtube video to your post, click at the mailto picture. The button with a letters icon.

email box icon Insert Youtube video to Friendster blog

After you have click that button, a new pop-up will appeared. Now, paste the code that you have copied from Youtube. Paste and hit the ok button.

paste the youtube code Insert Youtube video to Friendster blog

Then, you can hit the save button or preview first your entry.  Then you will get something like this:

video in friendster blog Insert Youtube video to Friendster blog

You can preview it at my Friendster Blog: How to Blog Friendster WTF?

I also have recently make a Friendster Hide Codes compilation blog. If you want to learn the latest way to hide the boxes in your Friendster profile, proceed to this blog:

fs hide Insert Youtube video to Friendster blog


  1. bantingboy

    waa. macam2 tutorial ada kat blog nih haa..

  2. mae

    the friendster format for composing blogs has changed. now I cannot see the “mailto” icon. where did it go? :(

  3. Chapchap

    ^^ do you know how to put some videos on the New Friendster blog? I really can’t put any… thanks for the help.. =)

  4. megamega

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  5. razi

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  6. euroluxury

    thanks for tips.. i have been thinking to migrate mine to a new place :)

  7. eric

    yahoo na upgrade ko na FS ko

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