Indie musik kicking some ASS!

indie kicking Indie musik kicking some ASS!

I was actually being busy this few week. Exam, study and all that. So, have no time to post anything that is informative for your brain to digest it.

This few day, i was busy re-designing my Indie Musik webblog. The old one is kinda messy already for me. Not messy, it is boring. Haha. So, ive sit back and open up my Notepad++ to edit the theme. Lol.

So, why dont take a visit at indie musik blog ->

I wont be home for this school holiday. So, again no any updates in this blog. I’ll go to Kuching where there’s no internet connection at my grandma home. Updating in Cyber Cafe is suck oke. Cant put any picture, no photshop and all that. So, just be patient. I’ll post something for all of you espcially my blog subscriber. Thanks for subscribe !!

Happy Holiday everyone!!

ohyeah, look at the sidebar. Ive make a space for anyone to buy advertisement space in this blog. Interested? COntact me at the contact page or just click that button. RM10 for 2months. Wtf?


  1. skyjuice

    wahhh…… exam week aper skang nier?
    heheheheh leh dptkn 100% x?
    nnt tmbah link aq eh…

  2. syuxx

    takda exam lah. cuma currently tgh enjoy holiday.
    hehe. ^^

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