How to view Friendster Private Profile photos

how to view friendster priv How to view Friendster Private Profile photos
Friendster community keep growing nowdays. Even there’s many other alternatives such as Facebook & Myspace, but there’s still many people choosing friendster because of it’s simplicity. Have you ever meet a cute girls friendster profile before(lol)? You try to add her but she reject/not approve you but in the meantime, you were desprately want to view her picture? But you can’t since she has set it to private profile mode. So, here I want to share some hack with you guys on How to view Friendster Private Profile photos.

NOTE: This not a tutorial on How to view Friendster Private Photos. This is a tutorial on how to view Private Profile photos. Not  view Friendster private photos.

The trick is simple. First, go and search for the Private Friendster profile that you want to view her picture. Oke, lets take mine as example. On the top of your browser, copy the friendster profile URL.

copy private friendster pro How to view Friendster Private Profile photos

For example, my profile URL is: So, to view my Friendster Private Profile photos just copy the Friendster Private profile URL and go to this website: FS INTIPER.

And then, paste the URL that just copied before into the form. Note that the website is in Indonesia language. Thanks to this Indo guys for making this tools. After you have paste the private friendster profile URL, click on that GO-GO-GO button.

view friendster private pho How to view Friendster Private Profile photos

And then, you will the main photo album picture. Click on each of the album to view the Private Friendster Profile photo. Now you were done. Incase that you want to save all the pictures, simply just click FILE on your firefox, and select Save Page As and it will save all the Friendster Private profile picture to your harddrive. Another good way to backup all your friendster profile photos too incase you want to delete them and move to FaceBook. Haha

I know that many people will come to this blog searching tutorial on How to view friendster private photo, friendster private profiles photos, how to hack friendster profile latest, Friendster Hack tool, Hack Myspace private profile photos and etc.


  1. picong101

    i used it… it rocks!

  2. syuxx

    yeah, that’s really totally work.
    but it just temporary until friendster will patched it once again.

  3. waw

    tis is kul! ;)

  4. bossdrew

    its not working dude

  5. sndloader

    its doesnt work is there any hack for fs?

  6. syuxx

    doesnt work anymore? I think friendster has patched this things really fast. Only worked for two days i’ve post and now they already patched it. Hoho

    What a friendster. tssk =.=

  7. ZeTiOheN

    It works but not all albums can be viewed.. only those albums visible in the profile page.. But still thanks a lot.. :D

  8. Faiz

    benda ni banyak web dah guna..
    fs akan slu patch je.. :-)


    This has already been patched. We’ll wait for the next update :-). But however, surely an interesting hack guide.


    Anyway, what happened to your blog?

  11. syuxx

    yep, it only show the default album.

    it is normal. Friendster will try their best to keep their site at high security although many holes still can be discovered :p

    yup, this is one of the reason why I still stick to friendster although people say FB is way more advance.
    I love friendster hacks. You can learn progaramming at the same time while having fun. haha

    oh, about my it still alove but on the sub-domain only. hehe

  12. siga

    This is one of the rare ones left after friendster start covering up for thie holes.. nway i hope you guys could even again lovcate those codes for holes. there will be, “always”, maybe try looking for those private photos holes.. nway goodlucl and gudhunting guys.. and tx.

  13. igurot

    it really cool

  14. miel

    but is it possible to view the whole profile, i would like to view the whole profile not only the photos.. does anybody here knows how to do it?.. please tell us how..

    thanks a lot guys

  15. syuxx

    just add the profile as your friends.
    then you can view it. hehe.

  16. Novian

    sip, lumayan,,.

  17. Ta3 kayo

    you shouldnt post the websites in here or FS admin will find it out

    and patch it as soon as possible….

    sad to say … i cant post the other website on how to view private

    profile photos in here…..

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  27. yourdoom

    by the way this hack only show 4 album only!……

    i cant see the other album……

    i tried it many times but still i cna only see 4 albums max.

  28. don

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    please send me a method how to hack private photo FS

  29. Jeeyo

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