How to setup custom domain with Tumblr

setup tumblr with custom do How to setup custom domain with Tumblr

Tumblr is a great blogging service for people that love simplicity. I also love tumblr blog. It have a lot of function for you to play. You even can make it look more professional. Just like what I have write in previous post GoDaddy Latest Coupon, having your own domain name will make your site or blog look more professional, attractive and have it’s own value in it. Tumblr also allowed you to have your own tumblr domain name to be used with it instead of the tumblr sub-domain name. So, here it is the tutorial on How to setup custom domain with Tumblr.

myo custom domain tumblr How to setup custom domain with Tumblr

Actually, this tutorial is especially dedicated to myohelmie ohdemit since he is the one that asking me about how to use custom domain in Tumblr via Twitter/Syuxx.

Okey, first of all the things that you need is your own domain name. You could buy a free one or just use the free CO.CC domain name. It still work in the same way. But, in this tutorial I will use the domain name that I have bought using the GoDaddy Coupon discount.To register the CO.CC domain name, you may refer to this post: Register CO.CC free domain.

Setup the Custom Domain A Value

After you have your own domain name, go and select the DNS Server setup. All you have to do is insert the following DNS Nameservers to all the boxes in your DNS Server setup in your control panel. Here’s the DNS Nameserver that you need to put in to intergrate the domain name with tumblr:


Put the DNS in your Manage DNS Server setup just like the following diagram:

godaddy nameserver tumblr How to setup custom domain with Tumblr

In CO.CC domain name, it will look like this:

cocc domain name tumblr How to setup custom domain with Tumblr

After you have put the nameserver, register your own free account at EveryDNS website. Then, login to your account. To activate and intergrate your custom domain name to your tumblr, add your domain name first into your account.

add domain name tumblr How to setup custom domain with Tumblr

And then, click on your primary domain name that you wanted to point it to tumblr account.

primary domain tumblr How to setup custom domain with Tumblr

After that, insert the following value to your Record Value: Delete first the CNAME type that was on your Current Records. Makesure you fill the record value it just like this:

domain name suctom tumblr a How to setup custom domain with Tumblr

And then, delete again the another A type that is different Record value from the above. And then, we need to add another Record value. But this time, only put “www” on the domain name.

www domain tumblr add How to setup custom domain with Tumblr

Now, you were done. Make sure the final results will look like this on the Current records

current record tumblr domai How to setup custom domain with Tumblr

If yes, let move to the next step.:

Setup custom domain into Tumblr blog.

Login to your Tumblr account and move to the Dashboard. Click on Customize. On the customize page, you will see a tab called “Info”. Click on it. Then, tick the bottom box called use a custom domain name. Fill in your tumblr custom domain name there and save changes.

put custom domain on tumblr How to setup custom domain with Tumblr

Then, you will need to wait for 72-hours or less for the tumblr domain name to take effect on directly point to your tumblr blog. To check whether the DNS server you have setup before is correct or not, use this tool called Check Domain by tumblr.

Now, you already have your own tumblr blog with your own domain name. Visit my tumblr blog for example: Hxppy Madness.


  1. Myo Helmie

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  2. syuxx

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    this might helping others too that want to make their own blog with tumblr plus custom domain.

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  6. redblaque

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    is it possible to use a sub-domain e.g. ? my primary domain is already pointing elsewhere. would it complicate thing though?


  7. Dyson

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  8. wa…
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    ku xphm sb ku hanyala seorang noobie…..

  9. syuxx

    yes it is possible. Tumblr allowed you tu use sub-domain such as All you have to do is poiting the Type A to their DNS Server just like above


    Tumblr also kinda like a blog hosting. But you dont have any full control on it like wordpress blog.

  10. nuttakeyd

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  12. emmanuel

    wow this was really hard to do gave me a big headache, if i put in my website without the www in tumblr it wouldn’t work and also figuring where to change the servernames was hard to find and finaly at everyDNS it said i also had to change the server name in the whois registry and omygod how do you do that?!! screw it

  13. emmanuel

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  14. MaJa

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    kenapa x setup A-record terus kat nyer control panel tu.. kenapa nak kena setup nameserver to everydns , then kat everydns baru setup A-record?

  15. syuxx

    that everydns step is for godaddy domain user.

  16. rie

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    for e.g as main blogger blog and to tumblr blog.

    Please help.

  24. Salma

    there was written “It may take up to 48 hours for any changes to take effect in your users’ accounts”. for that long, what would happened to my page? still using my real url or couldnt work at all? :/

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  32. Dhane

    i have now account on “EveryDNS website.” but how to active and intergrate my custom domain name to my tumblr.

    “add your domain name first into your account.”
    what’s on account?

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    where is “Webhop Domains” or else “Primary Domain”

  34. Jonathan

    I have a tumblr site and a domain I want to attach to it. I heard that if we do this we can expect our tumblr site to be down for 24-72 hours. Any truth to this?

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