How to setup CO.CC in Blogger

How to setup domain in blogspot How to setup CO.CC  in Blogger

Have you ever setup a blog host by our lovely uncle google that is BLOGSPOT/BLOGGER? DO the URL is too long for for you? It is not cool right to have a for your blog right? Dont worry, here’s tutorial for you to shorten the URL using the free domain name services by CO.CC to your blogger account. Hey, this is not a URL forwading oke. It works the same like a dot com, dot net domain too.

1. Register an account at CO.CC. Then, log on to your account. After that, go to “Domain Setting“. Click the domain name that you have register before. Then, select the “Zone Record” option and fill the details just like the picture below. All you have to do is replace the to your own CO.CC domain name. Remember! Dont forgot to type the WWW! Then click setup.

setup cocc to blogspot 1 How to setup CO.CC  in Blogger

After that, login to your blogger account. Then select “Settings“.

setup cocc to blogspot 2 How to setup CO.CC  in Blogger

After you have click setting, click at the “Publishing” tab. The all you have to do is select “Custom Domain” and click “Switch to advanced settings“. Fill the form with your domain along with the WWW infront it. Then click “save setting“.

setup cocc to blogspot 3 How to setup CO.CC  in Blogger

Process of setting a domain name may take up to 48 hours/ 2days. But sometimes, it taking less than that. All you have to do is just wait until the domain is fully set to your blogspot blog account.

There’s many reason why my fellow blogspot/blogger friends need to use this trick.

  1. Make your site look professional
  2. Easy for visitor to remeber you blog name. Hello, instead of putting, why not into right?
  3. Giving your website a self identity.
  4. Perhaps, this may increase your traffic too.

Oke. Wait!! again, register to CO.CC ! You may not only use CO.CC for blogspot only, but others work too because they offered URL forwading and DNS setup too. Why not make your own wordpress blog or a forum using it right? Register now!

A huge thanks and credits to cencorot blog for this nice how to do articles. Read this “How to setup domain in blogger/blogspot” the malay version at his blog. Picture are credited to him also. Thanks dude! haha

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  1. Afif

    And what’s the catch? A dozen pop-ups everytime people come? I’ve enough pop-ups by installing C-Box already.

    Afifs last blog post..New routine

  2. syuxx

    aahh? uhh?
    what are talking about?

  3. zen

    for me its better if buy the $9.99 domain name and use it with blogspot blog. There no need to use such free domain name service such to the blogspot account.

    zens last blog post..Line Furniture System By Aykut Erol

  4. syuxx

    @zen, people love free stuff. i bet you too right?
    not everone own a credit card or a sum of money in their paypal.
    just like me T_T. hehe.
    it is not about whether it is free or not.
    but it is the way you can maximize the way you used it.

  5. isonchen

    Wow. Co.CC. Such old news.

  6. Best Cute Comments ?

    It is really help in increasing traffic? I don’t think so, because it only do in simly your domain name..but it is kinda like a cute simple domain.

    And the best part is, it FREE and right? LOL

    Best Cute Commentss last blog post..Cute Comments 4

  7. cencorot_91

    tenkiu sbb guna bhn dari blog aku..
    satu pghargaan utk aku..

    cencorot_91s last blog post..hihi..lawaknye..

  8. titan

    aii..ramai dah guna benda nih sekarang ek..

  9. syuxx

    a’aah, everone love free stuff.
    bukan apa, pun ada sedia service mcm payed domain jugak

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  12. Ashwin Kandel

    thanks man

  13. euroluxury

    thanks for tips.. i have been thinking to migrate mine to a new place :)

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  15. Abhishek Jain

    i can not view images in yor site plz be advised

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