How to insert custom tumblr theme

how to insert tumblr theme How to insert custom tumblr theme

Once again, believe me Tumblr is the coolest microblogging platform. Better than Blogspot, cooler than Twitter. Haha. Before this, i have i have make a post about 7 cool Tumblr themes for Tumblr blog for you to test on your Tumblr Blog. I have got an email through my Contact Me page according How to insert custom themes to Tumblr Blog. So, here it is How to add a new Tumblr theme to your Tumblr.

First, once again go back to the 7 cool Tumblr themes for Tumblr blog post. Search for any themes that is suitable for your Tumblr. Then get the codes for the theme. Copy first all of the codes. For example here, im using the Twitter Tumblr Theme for my tumblr.

copy all tumblr code How to insert custom tumblr theme

After that, go to your Tumblr Dashboard. Then click the customize tumblr button. We are one more step away to make your Tumblr beautiful with awesome theme.

customize tumblr theme How to insert custom tumblr theme

In the Tumblr customize page, go to Theme button. The Tumblr Theme button is located at the top of the page. Then, you will be directed to another page. Here is how you will add the code that you has copied before. To insert the custom Tumblr theme code, click Enable Custom Theme. After that, you will see a white box containing codes. To apply the new theme, all you have to do is press Ctrl+A on your keyboard to select all and then press Ctrl+V to paste/replace it with the new Tumblr theme code.

how to add tumblr theme How to insert custom tumblr theme

If you want to preview the Tumblr layout first, click on preview button. You may have to modified the Tumblr template if needed. But dont worry, you didnt have to dirty your hand to much with the codes. Satisfied with the new Tumblr skin look? Hit Save changes and your done.

If the theme has enable custom clour codes in the Tumblr theme code, you can customize the theme colors in Tumblr Customize page. Just click at the Color Tab and adjust it to suit your own Beautiful Tumblr theme.


  1. titan

    oh. macam itu ka..

  2. syuxx

    yup, harap2 tumblr akan datang dengan more improvement soon.

  3. Mohd Ismail

    wordpress 2.6 ade fungsi mcm Tumblr.. lepas ni boleh la kuarkan theme ala Tumblr tuk WordPress =)

    nice tutorial btw..

  4. syuxx

    haha. aku upgrade pun belum lagi wp ni.
    wow, kalau macam tu baguslah.
    Thanks for sharing !

  5. PlanetaJob

    Otsenka 5!

  6. Mayav

    Thank you exactly what i was looking for, Cheers!

  7. Khemy

    babe, i tried, but no success..something is wrong..

  8. ina

    can I ask a question? how do you change the title? I can’t seem to get rid of the “Untitled” written on top.

  9. Nin

    where DO you get the custom tumblr theme code, though? I still don’t understand that part. Can you make your own custom theme code? If so, how can you do that?

  10. Zaty J.

    tak phm lah, cmne nk buat layout cmni -___- pnat cri da ni, haha
    .-= Zaty J.´s last blog ..You belong with me parody =-.

  11. euroluxury

    thanks for tips.. i have been thinking to migrate mine to a new place :)

  12. Jela

    I cant find the customize button in tumbr. help please, :(

  13. Syuxx

    You can access it here:

  14. Guest

    account-> preferences-> customize

  15. boo :)

    how do you change the 'untitled' on tumblr?

  16. FAYE

    this helped me A LOT. Thanks.

  17. aina

    omg i can’t find tumblr theme code or enable custom theme button ;_;

  18. Chesney

    when i pressed “theme” it just showed me a bunch of themes there wasnt a “insert tumbrl code” buttom anywhere.

  19. yayu amalia

    similar to what happened with Chesney, i always try to get ‘insert tumblr code’ button, but i always dont get it. could u help us?

  20. Nicapixypops

    me too, i cant see where the CSS or the Use Costum HTML is located :/

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