How to hide your Affiliate Link

Affiliate program is a great way to make money online. There is a lot of people out there that has already gain profit from making money online through affiliate program. Well, affiliate program really need a lot of trick to gain profit from it.

For newbies like me, it is a hard task to do. One think that I think you should do in order to gain profit from affiliate program is hide the affiliate link in your blog. In spesific term, it is the art of masking or cloaking the affiliate link. Why you should do this? Well, this might help you from getting more commission from this program. You dont want right people to cut off the referral code from the affiliate link.

Example, which link do you prefer the most to click and buy the product? Is it this:

or something like this?

Well, that is why we should cloak your affiliate link. To attract more people to click on it and they might buy the stuff from you and you will gain the comission. So, here is one of my trick in this art of affiliate link masking and cloaking.

First, just setup a new blog at blogspot. I use blogspot since it is free and you can have the sub-domain from it for your affiliate program link masking. You also can try other free web hosting that offer HTML in it.

After you have register your new blog at blogspot, go to layout. Then, click on Edit HTML like the follow picture.

cloaking affiliate link 1 How to hide your Affiliate Link

Click on layout then select edit HTML

Then, at the bottom of the code box, click on Revert to classic Template. The layout will be revert into the old blogspot template.

hide affiliate link 2 How to hide your Affiliate Link

Revert to classic blogger template

Then, delete all the code in the textarea. We gonna add the code to mask and cloak our affiliate link. Now, copy the code below and paste it into yours. All you have to do is replace the affiliate link with your own affiliate link.

<TITLE>Title of your Affiliate Program</TITLE>
  <FRAME SRC="your_affiliate_link_here">
    <TITLE>Title of your Affiliate Program</TITLE>
    <META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="0; URL='your_affiliate_link_here'">
    <P>Your browser does not seem to support frames or frame support has been disabled.</P>
    <P>Please <A HREF="your_affiliate_link_here">click here</A> to proceed to the site.</P>

Just replace the your_affiliate_link_here with your own affiliate link. Eg: You also need to replace your Title of your Affiliate Program. Eg: Rahsia Usahawan Internet.

Then, copy the code and paste it to your blogspot. You now can save it and start promoting your new affiliate link webpage to your blog and your friends. You view my example of the page that i has made, Rahsia Usahawan Internet : Do not forget to register too oke. Haha.

Selinap also has write a nice tutorial on How to Hide affiliate link. You might be interested to read the 9 ways to hide affiliate links tutorial by Selinap.


  1. TeRaBai

    hi there, a very good tutorial. i never did know about masking affiliate link using blogspot. Usually i use affiliate link cloaker software to create the index file and upload it to my hosting.

    But this is a good tutorial for those who doesn’t have any hosting apart from using or any other.

    thumbs up to your tutorials

  2. syuxx

    yah, this one is actually for own hosting too.
    just why not make a full used of free things right.
    if you looking for other free hosting just look at this:

  3. selinap

    Nice idea. However, will it break the TOS of

  4. syuxx

    will it? hehe. I dont know.
    Well, just make sure there’s no reported about it.
    If you doesnt want to use blogger, there’s also a lot of free website hosting out there.

  5. Faiz

    fuh..kalau ada 19 affiliate?
    nak kna buat banyak blog tuh…ahaks!!

  6. syuxx

    19 account? yeah, also need 19 blogspot to be used.
    or else, you can use the randomizer javascript to randomize all those 19 affiliate links in one site.

  7. rizalsaid

    Fuh! This is a very good info. I just follow your tutorial and made one. Thanks to you syuxx.

  8. dheeraj yadav

    hi, i read full article but in my modified template how can i use these script, it is not like as in article.
    thanks, or i should software for it.

  9. MBT Shoes

    Great Read! Looking forward to more! Bookmarked and will be back again!

  10. SONU Goutam

    I use a few of these and I am doing quite well thanks for the add information.It’s always a pleasure to see what you come up with next.


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