How to hide certain box in your Friendster 2

For better understanding on How to Hide Friendster Profile, i recommended you to visit: I have compiled a tutorial speacial for this How to Hide Friendster Boxes on your profile. Take a visit:

okeyh, remember my previous post about hiding some boxes section in Friendster? A lot of my friends asking me “how to use that hiding code”, “how to paste the code”, and even worse “what is hiding boxes huh?”. lol. Okeyh, i’ll do some explaination and tutorial on this “How to hide certain box in your Friendster part 2“.

First, all you have to do is register yourself an account at I highly recommended you to use because it is light, fast, and easy to use for newbie. After you have register an account, you can proceed to this next step. Click the more button to read more…

Login to your ripway account, and select my files button on the top bar. After that, select a new subfolder. Name it anything or just write there friendster or etc. That, click the folder that u have already create. Refer below diagram:

hide1 How to hide certain box in your Friendster 2

Then, click create text file button. Then u’ll forwarded to a new window page. At first empty column space, write ur file name. U can name it hide or anything u want to. But u must remember to include .css at the back of the file name. For example hide.css, friendster.css, nobox.css or anything but must have .css at the last name of the file.

hide2 How to hide certain box in your Friendster 2

Then, you need to copy the file extension that u have save. Highlight the URL and copy it like the above diagram:

hide3 How to hide certain box in your Friendster 2

After that, Angelldeville CSS Linker Genarator by cliking [HERE]. Paste yourthe URL that u have copy before to the space given there. Then hit the genarate button. After that, copy the genarated copy that has been given to you.

hide4 How to hide certain box in your Friendster 2

Then, go to your friendster account. Go to customize my profile. Paste the URL code that u’ve copy beforein the media box. Actually, the code can be paste at about me section or at who i want to meet section. But i prefer u to paste the code at the media box just like the picture below. Because people seem seldom put anything right at the media box. lol. You can include your page style at the css section or just use the default skin. Then hit “save” button.

hide5 How to hide certain box in your Friendster 2

Lastly, view your profile. lol. Then u’ll see some box will be hidden. This will make ur page more stylish and fast loading.

hide6 How to hide certain box in your Friendster 2

Ohh, btw if you’re looking to make the same hide code like the profile above, you can freely using my this css file that i’ve made.

All you have to do is go to the Angelldeville genarator like the above method to use it. Happy tweaking-fs everybody!!mir02 How to hide certain box in your Friendster 2

**update. . New CSS file linker:


  1. uyea

    i followed your instructions but still my profile appear with boxes. crap. pls help me. i really want to hide certain box in my friendster.

  2. syuxx

    emm, did you remember to put that .CSS at the back of the file name?

    or think maybe yo’ve o it in a wrong way.
    emm, why dont you include your fs profiles too then.
    easy for me to check it.

  3. shadowX_19

    huhu. aku friendster senang je nak design. tapi malas a nak design kat situ. ni email aku. usha a overlay profile aku tu

  4. syuxx

    overlay mmg sng lah bro.
    tp skrg orang dah mula design pakai cross-ovear method. Pakai linker2. Lbh cepat, and user friendly.

    && trend design friendster skrg ialah “fashion group style”. ala2 FCV. haha


  5. LeBiu

    thx syuxx. it wrking.
    Oh gosh,i missed my prev. overlay

  6. 214

    i can’t do it either. how do you do it?

  7. 214

    my profile still looks the same, how do you do it?

  8. lat

    x bole pun..
    ur css also cannot working in my profile..

  9. syuxx

    awwwhh~ ur welkem ^^V

    emm, can you tell me spesifikly what’s wrong? i dont really get it when it just WRONG? haha

    dohhh. dah tak paste dkt genarator?

  10. LeBiu

    Huhu,paloi ehh follow da instruction lah. Terang2 kan atas ya.

  11. syuxx

    im farking AGREE with u!!!
    aiyaa u people, susah2 im putting those picture and so over oredi.
    read and understand it lah. then u’ll get it.

  12. LeBiu

    Haha,sne ndak engkah bigik mata kah,lengkap dah instruction d berik. HAHAHA

  13. 214

    well, i followed your instructions but my profile still looks the same. T-T

  14. -rella-

    uhmmm… i fOllOwd Ur instrUCxnz tOO… bUt d bOxes i wantd 2 hide xtiL appear… pls respOnd asap… please… i riLi rili want 2 hide dis bOxes… well nwei, thanx in advanz… hOpe dis wUd wOrk OUt nah… ^^,

  15. syuxx

    yala2 ^^

    emm, i think friendster already filter up some codes already. even mine oso cant already. Just wait for a few day for the friendsterlayouts team to find new XSS hole. Just wait. There will be a hole!

    same ans as above ^^

  16. LeBiu

    Pergggggh,mbak ku tulah nganok dak tok paloi alu update bru fs.
    “sial bebeno” kata dak lepeh.

  17. 214

    cool, thanks! :D

  18. xammy

    i also tried it. It didnt work. cud you please fix my friendster too? i want to hide some boxes. my friendster is

  19. rock princess

    Thanks for the info. I’ll try it later.

  20. syuxx

    friendster already filtered out the codes. so try using this new genarator:

  21. farraYanna

    kenak sik dapat owh? pa nda masalah gik..
    kamek dah paste dalam mediabox.. nya jadi pendek camtok.

    nang camtok ka syuk?
    penak alu sik mok ka?
    suma mek ekot lam ya jwak bah…
    every single noktah ka koma sia mek nang ekot suma..
    then if my code ya ada salah type..
    mek pake kitak mpun code tok pake generate.

    pun sik dapat juak.. huhuuuu… help me syuk.. sik kira la mun kitak mok madah kmek paloi.ehehe… kat komen ya. :)

  22. syuxx

    ktk perlu baca komen ats kitak ya.
    generator ya dah tuka bha.

  23. kiRu~cHan

    yeP, thE codeS woRk if u use the othEr generAtor, thiS one:

    tHx for sHariNG this. ^_^

  24. farraYanna

    hehhe.. ok k.. dah.. thanks.. by the way syuk.. hehe… camne mok kasi box ya center.. sikmok kat tepi sblah kerek jak.. dapat ka?
    pr dapat move2 ka box ya.. mun kitak tauk code pake nyuruh nya boleh move or nak suruh master box nya center…
    mind tell me? heheh…
    plsshhh… and TQ-

  25. [...] *part 2 is here: How to hide certain box in your Friendster 2 [...]

  26. syuxx

    umm, still dont lah how to make it center. maybe need to tweak the css file lah.
    it’s possible, just need to be more “rajin” try n error. hahaha
    (paksa kakar omputeh tok, klak cdak lain sik paham. haha)

  27. june

    why still not work even i us a new linker?????huhuhuhu..=(

  28. june

    why still not work even i use that new linker???huhuhu…=(

  29. meemi

    Hi ! thanks for thes codes ^^
    I just wanna ask if you know how to hide the last login part in friendster ?
    it’s annoying sometimes how people can see when U last logged on.
    Thanks :]

  30. syuxx

    try to look maybe there’s error in your code.

    you can always refer here for all the hiding codes:

  31. ysa

    i follow all the direction but the code is not working….

  32. syuxx

    emm, just go more experimating. visit or
    there’s alot of other tutorial that might help newbies.

  33. ysa

    any updates? Friendster updated again. Damn!

  34. farraYanna

    syukk! ktk member cradle nak? mek dah coba masok sia sik dapat coz
    adminstator lom aprove kmk so sik dapat join discuision board..
    boleh sik bagi kmk url link.. updated linker.. huhuuu… terok li jak opa
    fs mek.. huhuuu.. need to hide!
    urgent syuk!!!! xD

  35. syuxx

    neyda aie. xda lah kmk memeber cdak ya.
    cuba ktk check gik sok ari. mmg dah nya approve ya bah.
    nway, refer ke post this one:

  36. farraYanna

    sik dpt go thru forum padah sia nak.
    mesti register. dah la xda verify email g kamek. mun kitak dapat
    beri url lnker nok updated.vmun sik dapat sik pa la.
    faham mek. susah juak mok masuk sia.
    nok lain2 suma blom update gik. kmk dah register 1 week dah..
    p sikda juak. nang alu sikda kot. anyway thanks ha. :)

  37. jackie

    hei yah..
    I really tried it to the fullest but it still didnt work,,
    Is there any tips where i can do it?
    BTW, is this only for Cross over layouts?
    Cause the layout that I have now is Made by me.
    I am not a computer wizard..I really need help..
    I DO..
    Can somebody help me please?

  38. jackie

    can somebody help me please?
    I follow all the instructions but yet its not working on my profy.
    Is there somebody can help me??

  39. syuxx

    yup. this is cross-browsing method.
    it need evternal css linker to make it work.
    i bet if you better get know with CSS first.
    Then you can go advance.

    the problem why you cant make it work is because you are RUSHING!
    if you are a newbie. try to make it slow.
    Do not try to look like a pro if just get started.
    even me myself take a 1whole year to learn about css & this friendster hack thinghy.


  40. regine

    hello? can you make me the codes for hiding all box except media box and the main box but no links of recent updates and more about me? Can you? please?

  41. credz

    ei its not working it said on my browser nees to install a plugin but there are no available plugin to install

  42. syuxx

    lol. u use the old generator. no wonder lah.

  43. credz

    i use the updated generator

  44. syuxx

    are sure? then it must have been smthing wrong with your fle then

  45. ahxel

    the codes are being filtered
    cause whenever i paste the code
    and hit save
    the code changes to this

    the code i pasted was this

    notice the big change?
    and it also says


  46. ahxel

    the codes are being filtered
    cause whenever i paste the code
    and hit save
    the code changes to this

    the code i pasted was this

    notice the big change?
    and it also says


  47. ahxel

    the codes are being filtered
    cause whenever i paste the code
    and hit save
    the code changes to this



    the code i pasted was this
    <![CDATA[ ]]>

    notice the big change?
    and it also says


  48. syuxx

    aiya, what the hack you use the old generator? that one was the 4month ago generator. nowonder it will be filtered.

    use this one instead:

    the new genarotor. updated & absoblubly WORK!
    if still doesnt work, then that mean there’s somehting wrong with your CSS file.
    check it back.

  49. credz

    its now working for me thanks

  50. viel

    i can’t do it..
    help me.

  51. viel

    ok i did it;)

  52. SimplyMAGS

    Hi PLZ help me iv been doing ths for 2 nyts now i followed evry steps carefully but still its not working..i really want to hide certain box frm my frndstr esp my frinds..PLZ help me….TNX


  53. SimplyMAGS

    waahhh…. i used the CSS gvn to the new updated did works! but everytime i log out to chck my profile my frnds n the othr box tht supposd 2b on hide are there… whts happening????PLZZZZZZZZ

  54. chamito

    hello. syuxx,
    im having a problem previously with your codes and im editing using firefox, and now its working when i tried to edit my profile using IE, i tried to view it again using firefox but its requesting for addition plug in that it cannot find. and the code isnt working. urghh!

    just wanted to ask if youve encounter problem like this and if you know the solution. thank u very much,

    thanks 4 d codes, :)

  55. maxine

    heyy. the boxes are still visible. i followed the steps correctly.
    when i go to my profile, a pop-up will show && it says,
    “addtional plugins are required to display all the media on this page.”
    after i install it, it will say,
    “no suitable plug-ins found. unknown plugin (text)”

  56. blahb

    IT WORKED..thank you so much ^^

  57. syuxx

    @chamito & maxine

    you both have use the old generator. Come on people. Read all the comment above. I’ve put the new link generator. You can get it also here:

  58. anne90

    hye…y mine is not working……??
    & i’m sick of trying…help me plz…..

  59. shaii

    uhmm. the code won’t work in my profile coz firefox can’t find the plug in. so wat do u suggest? do u have another way for me to do that?^^

  60. syuxx

    hey, u’ve used the dead linker. that’s why it didnt work.

    go to here for updated linker:

  61. Samm

    whats the extension code??..where can i see or get it??..@_@

  62. celestygiszelle

    syuxx…ble x ko tolong deko.fs ak…
    ive follow ol d instr.too..
    bt y stil same owhh…adoiiii
    ko add ar ym ak,celesty92,,k

  63. syuxx

    oke. added

  64. Mhica

    plzz……can u meyk a olredy made file…consisting f everything in my friendster except the media box…pls email me @ for the direct url.plzzz i need help..I want the only thing that in my friendster is my media box……..plzzzzz…… =) i need a reply after a day plzzzzz…….email me asap……plzzzzzzzz…………..plzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

  65. syuxx

    can you just give me your fs address? i hate emailing

  66. Mhica

    it doesn’t work..i tried it a bunch of times..pls…help me..i need you….

  67. Mhica

    dis is my friendster..

  68. Everlyn

    _heLLo can you help me..i wanted to hide all things in my friendster except my media bix but i can’t do it..I tried my bezt..can you please help me..can you send me a message in my friendster at i’m hoping for your reply asap..pls..send me the direct url of the file..i only want the media box to show up..hoping for your urgent reply..bye.._

  69. myka

    ” onerror=”a=document.createElement(‘link’);a.type=’text/css’;a.rel=’stylesheet’;’screen’;a.href=’ Own Files/hayd.css’;navBg.appendChild(a);’none’”

    this is the code shows up when i type the direct link : Own Files/hayd.css

    BUT it doesnt really work? wat will i doh?
    i really want to do this…help me please…..


  70. lal

    this is sucks cause its not working!!!

  71. princezsa

    its not working..:(

  72. katrina

    can you post the code that we will paste in the media box???

  73. syuxx

    You can read more regarding this at this blog i created ->

  74. 00005

    i want to hide my comments and testimonails..T.T

    i try to follw your instruction but still it wont work…T.T

    pls help me…

  75. nova

    how to send testi using flash?

  76. boo

    ive done wht u say, but it doesnt work?
    is the codes n stuffs still can be used??

  77. belly

    hye ,
    plz help me ,
    where shud i paste de code after i generate it on de cradle ??
    plz help a.s.a.p !
    tk :)

  78. greenlover

    oh well it doesnt work…
    add me nalang in fs
    teach me how to do it

    thank you!

  79. enrico

    I did it all right! but when i placed it at Media Box the Codes changed to a different code and when I view the page it hasn’t changed a bit.

  80. yanz

    hey I followed all your instruction, but all the boxes that i wanted to hide are still showing….well hope u can help me.

  81. karen

    is der a mOre easY way?

    thanx in advanxe!

  82. zarah

    wat is external file??? plzz..i need ur help


  83. aqma.

    mnda ar ni?
    ak try gak,try gak.
    try pnyer la try.
    smpai suntuk shri ak try.
    .css ak da ltak,sve file tu.
    ak da save code tu cam yg ditnjuk.
    ak chck da smer 1 per 1.
    asyik kuar gak b0x tu!
    tulun la!!!

  84. jushu

    kindly please help me how to hide the comments in my friendster ..

  85. iana

    it’s not working..
    after i save the file, the code will change like this “” on the media box.. :((

  86. ByeBeast

    hey, im follow all the instruction but still cant hide the box? can u tell me why? i want to hide all the box except the media box. who got the code pls give me thru email? can? this my email – – help help help pls!

  87. jian

    huhu! how come the codes doesnt work although i followed each instructions?? huhu ,, help please .. asap ..

  88. jian

    heyy .. please help? same things happen to my account .. i tried and tried.. still the codes doesnt work .. if you really wanna help, just please tell the most effective way ..

  89. christy

    hey can someone help me hide my friendster comments box…

  90. jhay000

    owww Fuck!!!!!!
    it’s too hard to understand that!!
    i think you should create a youtube, to be able to understand that easyly……….

  91. jhay000

    fuck you boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i follow ur instruction!!!!
    and my head is aching now!!!
    its too hard to follow ur instruction
    but it’s not work it!!!!!!

    FUCK YOU….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. kimberly

    okay…….i followed all the steps……but theres nothing change….its just the same…….im so tired …….can you make some video how to hide friends on friendster…….

  93. kimberly

    .grgrgrgrgrgrgrgr….huh…..i tried and tried….but it just the same……huh…tzk…… better luck next time……..

  94. chai

    hello..pa2long naman..paano mag hide ng comment box sa FS..pls pls pls… here’s the link for my FS .. need a little help..hope u can email me..tnx..

  95. kc

    …AHHHRRGG ayusin nyu naman…

    puta kasi eh

    wtf is wrong with YOU!

    ayusin mo!

  96. B i A N C A

    there’s so many instructions. very hard to try. haiks. hhhmmp.

  97. buy penis pills

    I really like the colors here on your blog. did you design this yourself or did you outsource it to a professional?

  98. Shamika Pucket

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