How to get the old Facebook back

People has complain a lot about the new Facebook layout and feature. They has changed a lot for this new version. Although there’s a lot of improvement, but the new Facebook profile layout is really suck and annoying. A lot of people are looking for way to get the old Facebook interface back. So, I have found this video tutorial on youtube regarding on How to get the old facebook back. It does work & awesome! But sadly, in his video he doesn’t show anything. So, I would like to re-make again his tutorial in graphic to help anyone that looking for the OLD DAMN FACEBOOK BACK!

Let rocking back the old FACEBOOK!

First, you need to have a Mozilla Firefox installed in your computer. If you still doesnt have one, go to Mozilla Firefox and download the latest one. Download, Run and installed it. It doesnt really take time.

After you have done installing Firefox, download this Firefox Add-On called User Agent Switcher to your computer.

get the old facebook1 How to get the old Facebook back

Installed and restart back your Mozilla Firefox. Then, open back your Firefox. Now, we want to add the useragent XML file. Go to TechPatterns to get the Firefox useragent list. Then at the thread post, search for this sentenced “Download official useragent switcher xml import file” and download the latest version. Make sure you right-click the link and save link as to download the file.

get the old facebook2 How to get the old Facebook back

After you have finish downloading the file, go back to Firefox and click Tools. Search for User Agent Switcher, then go to the options tab and click options. And then, go to user agents, then hit import, then find and select the file you downloaded “useragentswitcher“. Then hit okay.

get the old facebook3 How to get the old Facebook back

Oke, now you have done that. To get rid of that new facebook layout and changed it back to the old facebook layout go to your facebook profile. Click on your profile to see the new facebook layout for the last time before we say good bye to it. Now, lets convert it back to old facebook layout. Click on Tools > Useragent Switcher > and select MSIE 5.5 (WINDOWS 2000).

get the old facebook4 How to get the old Facebook back

Then refresh your facebook profile and you will have the old facebook layout again! Say Bye Bye to the new facebook now and welcome back old facebook!

get the old facebook5 How to get the old Facebook back

If you ever wished to go back to the damn new facebook layout, just switch back the useragent to Default and your Facebook profile will turn to normal again. I still figured out how that Add-ons does this. Anyone know about it?

Add me also in facebook> Syuxx Facebook. Im not actually a die-hard fan of facebook. I only do this tutorial because it was on the number 54 in google trends to help others to get rid of the new facebook layout and enjoy back the old facebook profile.

ATTENTION! This trick is no longer work since Facebook has patched this method. I dont know where else to get back the OLD FACEBOOK or much more worse you would never get back the old facebook! If you have found the new hack/trick to get back the old facebook, you might share it with us here.

ATTENTION: Here’s the The very last way to get back old facebook trick! Same things as above, but just add the application to it while switching on useragents.


  1. synical

    I thought the new layout is gonna be permanent really soon?


  2. syuxx

    yeah, that’s why some of the people also make a pettition to keep the old layout.

  3. aeropama dot com

    new facebook layout sangat tahi. beberapa aplikasi kegemaran aku tak mucul pada tab application. jadah!

    ps: tq bro! ko bg aku tutorial ni. pasti aku akan buat. janji aku dapat main aplikasi kegemaran aku balik! oh yeah!

  4. echo

    Should this work for a mac too?

  5. michael smith

    This tutorial is OK…but I think that its much better when you can actually see whats going on in a VIDEO…like this one

    and its from the same person so hopefully it’s just as useful as the last one

  6. ChemGal

    I’ll telll Everyoneeeee about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ChemGal

    kool idea…

    i mistyped in a wrong email b4 … whoops sorry

  8. john

    thnks a lot man, i hate the new face book layout so thnks again from saving me from hell

  9. sara

    damn, i dont have windows 2000 WSIE what do i do?

  10. Tim

    I lost my chat bar anyone else have that problem?

    is there a fix?

  11. syuxx


    did you already import the useragent.xml file?
    that is the file that content all the browser in it.
    just searched for this in your useragent > MSIE 5.5 (WINDOWS 2000)

  12. syuxx

    it is a normal problem when you switched back to the old layout.
    you need to sacrifice the chat bar. but, who care about the chat bar things.
    it is suck! in my opinion :)

  13. sara

    how do i search using the useragent?

  14. sara

    nvm i got it to work. thankyou!

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  16. Eric

    I followed the instructions and had it working this afternoon, but as of now, it no longer seems to be functional. It looks like facebook caught on?

  17. louise


  18. cassandra

    it didn’t work for me, and i followed the instructions exactly. help?

  19. antonela

    dont bother
    facebook blocked this method…it wont work

    ur better of using developer and clicking the patch every time you log it..its annoying though :[[[

  20. Jess

    This method isn’t working anymore- Help?!

  21. syuxx

    @all people above

    Sucks. Facebook already patched this method. It doesnt work.
    But dont worry, I’ll try to find a new one later.

    Demit Facebook! We hate the new layout but you forced us to use it!

    Or maybe they has changed to the new layout PERMENANTLY!!

  22. ole

    Its not working here:p what i do?

  23. ole

    Its not working for me? what i do? i have download all the stuff but its stil not working:p HELP!

  24. # 18 scene

    is there another method?

  25. Gabi

    i dont see why facebook is forcing us to use the new layout! they know 70% of users dont like it! i think we should have a choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. syuxx

    Yeah, Im still looking for a new method to get this things worked back.
    If you fellas has found a new method, would you share it with us here.
    Then, i’ll make a post about this. thankss!


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  28. Chris Plumey

    Thank you for all your hard work….

    But ALLASS … we are stuck with the NEW FACEBOOK …. or MySPace… YUCK X100

    CP <:)

  29. Jay

    As of right now, this method still works..just the chat is disable but that’s all.

  30. dead

    helpppppp all the methods arent working anymore!!!!

  31. Nate

    hey everyone, in about 15 hours, a tutorial video will show up on , make sure to look there tonight!!! :D

  32. syuxx

    dude, thanks for dropping by here.
    I hope you find the new way to get the old facebook.
    Dont worry, i’ll help to promote your blog if you have found it!

  33. nate

    its not my blog, its my best friends, anyway THE VIDEOS UP, EVERYONE GO WATCH IT IF YOU WANT TO GET BACK TO THE OLD FACEBOOK

  34. [...] Now, Adam Luftig has already found the new way to get back the OLD FACEBOOK layout. If you had follow my previous tutorial on How to get the old Facebook back, [...]


  36. ashley

    hi im trying to log onto facebook with my cellphone number on my computer but its not working but when i do it with my phone it works …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. [...] just because on article with the keywords that I got from Google Trends. Take a look on this “How to get old facebook back” post and study the way I write that blog post. Take a look on how many times did I repeat [...]

  38. rachel


  39. egg

    fukin wanka wtf iz dis it duz not work dats not da old facebook wanker

  40. Nikola

    it didn’t work maybe cos i have Win 7

  41. maizal

    saya nak masuk ke f

  42. Marry Figueras

    Pimp Up your Facebook Profile

  43. sofea gurlz

    i want my older facebook skin back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 help meee!!!!!!!!!11

  44. shaq

    bodo naik pening aku godek!! mcm ciot tul!! nyesal aku, skrg aku nak oakai yg lama balik!!!!

  45. Rosanne Paulk

    Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly comeback.

  46. brenda ochoa

    iidnt liike thii new facebook layoutt iitsz soo retardedd iiwant thii oldd onee bckk.!!!!! >.<

  47. Naseerahmad

    In my facebook page the Tab Find Friends is not appearing. its new version of facebook.

  48. vj

    try this.
    if u hv opera mini delete all cookies cache, speed dial etc..
    uninstall it..
    install again, but this time install an OLDER VERSION.
    Update from ur phone itself.
    try now, worked for me.. :)

  49. crystal

    The new face book is the worst web site I have. I have tried just to edit my profile impossible. People that I have had already on Facebook and to refriend me. Stupid stuip garbage. Who did this? You must of not did to good I school or something cause Ian calling u stupid. It’s impossible to use. It messed everything up. Lost a lot of my friends. Thanks for ruining my time with my friend. U r an _ _ _ hole..

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